Escape to Kiki’s Alibaug: A Culinary Retreat Amidst Lush Greenery and Tranquility!

Your weekend getaway just got even more exciting with the new menu of Kiki’s, just twenty minutes away (by speed boat) from the city harbor. Blending an elegant yet quaint vibe with the exhilaration of a speed boat ride and a meal comprising dishes created with the freshest farm to table ingredients, an experience at Kiki’s, Mandwa (Alibag) is truly a notch above the ordinary!

The brainchild of Chef Nitin Mongia, renowned yachtsman turned chef & entrepreneur, Kiki’s is also a  much sought after name for catering in both Mumbai and Alibaug since 2016.Spread over a sprawling area of 12000 square feet, Kiki’s Restaurant is a breath-taking garden cafe and an events space that also features a large inviting pool! While the restaurant is perfect for a meal with a beautiful mood and moments that make indelible memories. Chef Nitin Mongia  and his team have created an event space par excellence, that is perfect for birthdays, wedding parties and special occasions with the added fun around the pool thrown in for good measure!

Sunset is the perfect time to visit this stylish-but-relaxed space that uses wood, rattan and handmade cane  to create an oasis full of greenery where the guests can enjoy a meal under the big mango tree! With a sky full of lights, cane furniture and pop colours of linen, Kiki’s offers the perfect backdrop for Chef Nitin Mongia renowned yachtsman turned chef & entrepreneur’s global fare specialities

The Kiki’s café menu comprises Chef Nitin’s specials such as the Malvani Crab comes with just the right amount of spices, which are housemade; the Turkish Lamb with a bed of Labneh and Paprika Butter is slow-cooked for 6 hours; an immaculately built Freshpresso, an unusual blend of espresso layered with fresh mandarin orange juice. Amongst others are deeply satisfying salted caramel tarts and sour dough pizzas with 72 hour fermented doughs.

“Good food I believe extends well beyond the culinary. Since our inception we have worked towards developing an understanding of our clients tastes and have endeavoured to bring fresh delicious food with streamlined professional services to our customers” says Chef Nitin Mongia

Mumbaikar or not, Kiki’s Restaurant is the perfect destination by day to hang around for hours amidst lush greenery, write that book, daydream, brainstorm ideas, or get lost in a novel while you savour their speciality coffees, breads and desserts or unwind under the stars over drinks and a meal of signature specials.

Kiki’s is a haven of sorts just a stone’s throw away from Mumbai. Who says vacation’s need planning or an evening out can’t be refreshing for the senses, with Kiki’s combining both these delights without the stress of planning too much as you switch off for a bit! And if you’re looking for a venue that spells refined taste and offers a short getaway to guests, then Kiki’s is THAT special place

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