Featured: Bubble Tea in New Delhi at Pop Chai

If you are looking for a new thing to try out this weekend, we have a cool new recommendation if you live in New Delhi. The Post Team are delighted to present to you Bubble Tea brought to New Delhi in its authentic essence by Pop Chai. All of us here at The Post truly enjoy a good cup of tea and happen to be fans of Bubble Tea. Inspired by the Taiwanese concept that emerged in the 1980s, Pop Chai endeavours to bubble up the regular tea-time with its filling & refreshing ‘Tea with a Pop.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is the name given to tea that is served with chewy tapioca balls; the tea itself can be hot or cold and fruity or milky. Pick your preference of  tea loaded with chewy black balls, called the tapioca balls or boba or pearls and fruit poppers that blast in your mouth, this Taiwan-inspired tea with a fat straw is what we all need to try!

Bringing in a tea trend that has been loved across the globe, Pop Chai aims to add a pop of fun to the regular tea experience. Served warm or ice cold as per one’s preferences, Bubble Tea  comes in a variety of milk-based & fruit-based teas and is more like a quirky snack & drink in one.

Pop Chai bubbles in the authentic taste of the Taiwanese tea and experiments with the undertones to bring about a colourful burst of flavours, making you feel satiated with a happy belly and a thriving heart. So, calling out all the chai-lovers & everyone looking to try something new, toothsome & filling, welcome to our cool bubble!

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