Featured: Design Maison’s Bespoke Stationery

In today’s fast-paced digital world, people have forgotten the feeling of turning over the page of a crisp notebook opening up to numerous possibilities, using a shiny pointed pencil to pen down their feelings and the pleasure of ticking off things on a to-do list, just to name a few.  The beautiful art of writing has been left behind with us spending most of our time with our smartphones and tablets.

Design Maison was started with the aim to bring back that tradition by creating bespoke personal & business stationery. Design Maison’s creations not only help in making inspiring workspaces but they also offer services like branding, social media marketing, DIY party supplies & gifting solutions for diverse occasions.

Here’s our favourite stationery you will love for both your business as well as personal use:

1. Business Collaterals

The very first impression of your company often comes through visually to a client with the kind of business collaterals used. Well-designed stationery definitely sets the tone right in a client’s mind. A business should consider investing in custom letterhead, envelopes, business cards, invoice, labels, paper clips, etc.  This is not only visually appealing but is also telling of how well established your company is.

Business card.jpg
2. Desk Essentials

With one spending most of their time at work, using fun and creative stationery can help in brightening up even the dullest workspace.  A classic easel desk calendar to mark all the important dates, a quirky design-led notebook that will help keep you motivated & customized pencils are sure to do the trick.

Believe - notebook

3. Personal Correspondence

Change the way you send out your gifts and make a statement with some personalized social stationery that reflects your style. A set of notecards with coordinated envelopes, gift tags & social sheets are a must have for your personal collection. They help you add a personalized finishing touch and at the same time make gift-wrapping and letter writing a magical experience for the sender as well as the receiver.  

Social sheets
4.  At Home, Side Table Essentials

Writing is therapeutic for some even if it’s just making lists, penning down reminders for the next day or unwinding by writing a daily journal. A bright notebook, reminder pad and a few post-its on your side table at home would be quite helpful. Another stationery product that could fit in there is a stack of inspirational quote cards clipped to a board or resting on an easel which would not only be the early morning driving force but also a way of making sure that you go to bed with positive thoughts.

Embrace the journey - notebook.jpg

5. Kitchen

This one is for all the keepers and recipe experimenters. Keeping recipe cards handy on your kitchen shelf is a fun way of writing down your new recipes and also makes you treasure all the “grandmother” approved ones. The charm of going through hand written ingredients list and procedure is irreplaceable.

Recipe cards.jpg6. Occasion specific

Celebrate each occasion with utmost importance and of course some stationery to go in sync with it. Occasions like birthday, baby shower, baby announcement, wedding, anniversary, etc., deserve to get a design dedicated to the theme of the special day.
Invite .jpgTops picks for this category are invitations to convey all the essential details about the party to your guests (printed or digital); menus to help the guests know what they’re going to be served; place cards which would be helpful in labeling each detail on your table or bar; custom toppers to add the theme and a few cute signs to your lavish food and dinner spread; quirk up the bar with custom paper straws which are also environment friendly and don’t forget the theme specific thank you cards to go along with your giveaways. In the case of destination celebrations, a save the date invitation and an itinerary would be the perfect addition to this list.

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