How to Choose a Degree to Study? by Varun Mohan

How to choose a degree; a question that most teenagers have on their mind. If you are one of them who has no idea about what degree to pursue then it is okay. Trust me, sometimes it’s ok to not have a plan. When I explored choosing a degree there were a lot of articles about what a degree is and its importance but practically I found nothing relevant. So, in this artice, I mention a few steps to help find you an answer to this question.

Step-1:  Take a paper and a pen and make a list of 10 professions that you wish to do or you admire. When you will start making this list you will soon realise just how ambitious you are and you will feel positive.

Step-2:  This is an important step. Once you are done with the list, prioritize it based on your interest and your passion for it.

Step-3: Now, pick the top three professions from the list and start searching for the prerequisites for the same. There is a lot of research that is required and don’t be hesitant to ask others who know about any of the career paths/degrees you are looking to pursue; because the more you know about your dream job, more you will be the engaged. For eg: You may want to be an actor, it does not mean that you need not study. Instead, you should have a degree to fall back on. I believe any degree, perhaps something related to media would be well suited for a future profession in acting. Side by side you could consider joining a theatre group or an acting school. Don’t expect that things will fall right automatically instead work for it. If you want to be a mathematician then pursue a degree which is related to mathematics and start to work hard for it.

Step-4: Now that you know which degree to pursue; there is yet one more important step that is required i.e. choosing the right college. To choose the right college again you will have to research thoroughly. Moreover, these days it’s not difficult to get information about anything since a majority of us have access to the internet. Just keep on exploring more and more about the degree.

However, if you feel that you are not passionate about your degree when you start it; it’s okay, give it some time.  Most of us are unaware of subjects before getting into college and it’s normal because that’s the reason you pursue higher education. If you are passionate about even one subject then go for it and if you aren’t its okay. Often it isn’t until you start working on it that you develop an interest in it. It is completely dependent on you how passionate you are and often depends on how you perceive it and how you maintain the interest in that subject.

Just remember that nothing is easy. Success has no shortcut. We all want to succeed no one wants to face rejection so what you should remember is to work hard and have faith in your fate. Everything that happens is for good. You can do whatever you want to so don’t feel intimidated to initiate. Just try and remember failure is a part of every process so don’t be afraid of it instead be prepared to face it.

Now that you know which degree is to be chosen, never forget to ask your parents and teachers since they are the ones who know you and your capabilities well? Listen to what they say but don’t feel obliged to completely follow them as you know. 

Finally, you have all these steps and information but in the end, it’s your call to make the right decision for yourself. I think our brain often helps us find the answer to our problems so just listen to it.

Varun is a student. Currently pursuing a graduate degree. He write observational blogs so that readers can relate to them. Find his Blog: