Five Mokobara must-haves we recommend to make your next journey smooth as butter

Even the most enthusiastic traveller will agree that exploring a new destination can be the most exhilarating experience. However, the actual transit? Not so much. The journey up ahead can seem tedious at times, but that’s exactly what Mokobara hopes to change.

Conceptualised by a bunch of crazy travellers, Mokobara aims to create products that elevate the joy of travel for everyone. Designed thoughtfully to solve real travel problems, here are five Mokobara must-haves we recommend to make your next journey smooth as butter. 

The Set Of 2

Looking to getaway for a week-long vacation? Meet your new travel buddy. (Or should we say buddies?) The smaller bag can be nested inside the bigger one when not in use, appealing to Marie Condo fans everywhere. With smart features like the internal compression system and an external charging port, The Set Of 2 works hard for you, so that you can focus on what matters most – the destination. 

The Transit Backpack 


Meet Mokobara’s most functional backpack yet. Designed to keep the modern traveller on the move, this backpack is loaded with innovative features. Like a dedicated flat opening tech compartment to store your laptop, ipads and adapters. And, a 180 degree clamshell opening bucket pocket designed to give you quick access to all your travel essentials. It’s even got a hidden water bottle/umbrella holder that barely changes The Transit Backpack’s form while in use.

The Cabin Duffle 

Mokobara- The Cabin Duffle  (1).jpg

Say goodbye to bulky cabin bags. Say hello to Mokobara’s sleek and trendy Cabin Duffle. It fits all your travel + in-flight essentials, while maintaining a sleek exterior. It’s also designed to fit perfectly in the overhead bins of major planes. Fly comfortably and in style with The Cabin Duffle. 

The Briefcase

Mokobara- The Briefcase Pro  (1).jpg

There are bags designed for work and then there are bags designed to work for you. The Briefcase falls under the latter. Loaded with functions that are sure to keep you organised all day long, The Briefcase is your new work go-to. 

The Backpack Pro


Go city exploring like a pro! Crafted with premium materials down to the last detail, The Backpack Pro is our upgraded cool new take on the classic backpack. From the magnetic back pocket to store your passport to the luggage sleeve, The Backpack Pro has all the signature Mokobara features and so much more.