How to create an Explainer Video?

Explainer Video

So you want to create a short explainer video for your company or your products. But not quite sure on how to get started? Our team have developed an action plan for you to ace the creation of your explainer video. Here are our vital steps to create an explainer video.


Identify your Objective

When creating an explainer video; you want to be clear on your objective at the start to ensure you have a clear focus. Identify your objective before you do anything. Does your explainer video need to show customers the benefit of your product or the uniqueness of your app or how it solves a problem? Be clear on your objective at the start and then you can move on to step two.

Create a Storyboard

A storyboard can have as much detail or as little detail as you like; the goal here is to get an idea for the shots you would like to be able to convey your ultimate message(s) to your audience. The storyboard can have a starting shot; followed by a sequence of other shots. If you would like a detailed article on creating a storyboard for an explainer video, drop us a line and we will have one written up.

Create the Video

Now depending on your budget and skill level. We have a few options that can help you with this task. One way is to use Biteable, and edit their stock templates to come up with an easy video. The second way is to buy a stock template from Envato and edit it to fit your requirements. A third option is a costly option but to use an agency who can help create this video for you. We personally love Jumbla who can actually provide a few options depending on the level of customisation required.



Edit and Launch

Now all you have to do is edit the explainer video you have created and launch. In our experience, 30-40 second videos have the most amount of impact. When launching, you want to promote on all available channels to your customers. A great way is to add a link to all your employees’ email footer.

Good luck with creating an explainer video. For great tips and tricks, please ensure you follow us on Social Media.

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