How to have difficult conversations?

We all have to had  to have difficult conversations in our life and and if you are like the majority of us, you probably avoid it as long it is possible and allow things to fester. Here are some actionable tips on how to have difficult conversations. You might wish to get a notepad :

1. Establish the circumstance

Whether someone did something or their behaviour is out of line. Establish what is bothering you. This will help you ensure you focus on the problems.

2. Define Its impact

Whether it made you feel a certain way or had an impact on other variables within your organisation. Explain why the circumstance is an Issue.

3. Outline your expectations

Given the problem and its impact you need to outline your expectations. By defining expectations you are helping the person understand how you expect them to behave.

4. Hear / Listen

There may be other variables in play so understand the other persons viewpoint when they explain.

5. Emotion

When having the conversation try not to get angry or upset. Equally try and be compassionate as the person will react better.

We hope you found this article on How to have difficult conversations. Use comments below to tell us how your conversation went.