How to learn something new every day in 5 minutes?

Do you wish you knew more but at the same time perhaps your schedule is too busy to warrant the time to sit and learn for hours or enrol in a course? We feel your pain, we enjoy learning but in between running The Post, managing life, travelling across the world constantly and actually having a life; the thought of enrolling in both a time and resource intensive course seems rather off-putting. Which is why a long time ago when we stumbled upon Highbrow; we were delighted. As someone who spends an hour browsing Apple News every morning and listening to the GirlBoss Radio in a quest to learn and get inspired from others; I can truly admit I love to learn about things that interest me or improve process and efficiency including anything that successfully feeds my perfectionist tendencies.

What is Highbrow?

Highbrow is an innovative tech company that creates a refreshing approach to learning in a world where there are more experts than have ever been before in a given field. You choose a course on their website: from anything on conversational writing to advanced gardening, sign up and they do the rest. Each morning (depending on where in the world you are located) you get sent a bite-sized email to learn about your chosen topic. Some courses also give you small assignments to complete as you go along. It is not overwhelming in any way and really helps you grasp whatever it is you are trying to learn more about.

How many Course are there?

They have over 215 courses ranging across topics. I can vouch that they are actually are of good quality. My first ever course was How to Create a Productivity System and I can really truly say it changed the way I managed my workload.

Initially, highbrow used to have a range of free and premium courses but not anymore. It is a paid service but offers a one month trial. Thereafter its $4.75 per month billed annually which works out to Rs 4000. We recommend you try a free trial and determine if it is for you. They also have promotions from time to time which means Highbrow is relatively inexpensive during a promotional period.

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