How to Simplify Your Life: Fizza Durrani

How to Simplify Your Life

Life , as we know it, has become full of traffic and craziness. Whether it’s inside your mind or on your desk. A lot of us have so much going on in our lives that it’s sometimes overwhelming. That is where the relaxants and pain killers jump in. Do you know how much of our daily medicine usage can be controlled if we just. Make. Our Lives. Simpler.

Sounds like a dream, right? It is, but one that can be turned into reality. Want to know how? Keep reading.

We will share with you 9 simple ways that can make your life simpler:

Don’t hide what’s inside

here’s only so much the poor thing can hold. If you crowdit with every emotion or every word that you keep to yourself, it’s going tostart giving up at a time. Frustration, anger, sleeplessness, fatigue andirritation are only some of the many indications of your mind giving up and signalingthat it needs more space.
Let stuff out. Tell people what you feel, (the right people, of course). Shareyour feelings, your goals, your ideas. If you’re someone who doesn’t likesharing with people, write it down. Let it off your mind on to a piece ofpaper. Try it out. You’ll be amazed at how this little action works wonders onyour stress levels.


o you ever open your closet and watch half your belongings pouring out like awaterfall? Do you ever lay down to sleep and you can’t because you have so muchon your mind? Do you feel like everything is falling apart ,in your closet andin your head? Well it’s time to throw the extra stuff away, honey!
De-clutter your wardrobe, your shoe closet, your jewelry boxes. Not just thematerialistic part of your life, get rid of everything extra in your planner,your mind, the people in your life and the memories in your head.
Cross out everything on your planner that you never did and never plan on doingeither.
Throw away everything extra on your mind that’s not even important. Like whatyour colleague was wearing the other day that you could never pull off and howyou never eat healthy. Thinking about it constantly isn’t going to make you eathealthy, it’s just an extra thing on your mind. Get rid of it.
Stop staying around people who don’t value you. Delete their contacts, markthem off your calendar, cancel plans to see them. And do something you enjoydoing ,instead. If they’re someone who aren’t doing you any good, get rid ofthem. Make space for better people.
Most importantly, get rid of the extra, unimportant, unhealthy memories, andmake room for new and better ones. You know the ones I’m talking about. Whenyou embarrassed yourself in grade 7, when you got heart broken by what someonesaid about your outfit 3 years ago. Let go of those small, meaningless memories.It’s about time.

Mind your own business

Trust me, the more you stay in your own world, the lesser mess you’ll get intoof the outside one. If you go about poking your nose into other people’sbusiness, people will poke their noses in yours. So if you don’t get into themess of “What did she say to someone? Where is she going? Who is she talkingto?” , your life will stay much simpler. The lesser you know about others, themore time and space you have to know about yourself.
Wise people don’t poke into other people’s businesses so they have more timeand energy to focus on their own, which makes them more productive andsuccessful whether it’s in their work, in their personalities or theirrelationships. Just a small life tip.

Have more than you show, know more than you speak

Learn the art of speaking only when necessary. Learn when to stay quiet. Know when to offer your opinion. And know how to offer it. The art of using the right words at the right time is one only some can learn. It’s hard but once learnt, it’s the secret to a simpler life. (Also saves you from embarrassing yourself. Just saying. )

Breathe positivity

Stay away from everything negative around you. Whether it’s a person, a placeor even a social media account/page.
There are so many people and pages on social media platforms that drain thelife out of you. Giving you false life-standards and picking on each other andbashing people on the internet. It’s not hard to recognize such accounts andwhen you do, un-follow. Please. It may seem small but social media is a bigpart of our daily lives now. It has a huge impact on our minds and thoughtprocesses. Believe it or not.

If you sit next to a person and all you can hear from them is negative thoughtsand words about all that is wrong with everybody and every thing on the planetand how it can never be fixed, get up and walk away. It may seem rude toimagine but it’s the best for your own sanity. Avoid meeting such people orhaving long thoughtful conversations with them. Anything that brings you downor brings your attention to the negative aspects of your life, is not worth it.
Instead, stay with positive people. People who challenge you in a healthy way,push you to work harder and go further towards the good things in life.
Train your mind to filter the positivity from literally every thing and everyperson around you. FIND the positive in everything. Even criticism. Only listento the good. Let go of the rest in the air. Don’t complain. Find solutions andwork on fixing the problems. Transform your problems into opportunities , learnfrom them and live your best, motivated life. Trust me, having an optimisticeye and a positive surrounding is the KEY to a simpler life.

Be grateful

Get inspired. But NEVER compare.
Learn to stay happy in what you have.
If there’s something you find impressive about someone, or you are impressed bythe success of someone else and you want more in life, don’t sulk thinkingabout why you don’t have it. Make a plan on how you can have it too. Work forit and hustle until you get it. Simple as that. May not be easy, but it’s justthat simple.

Stay low key

Not everybody needs to know what you have and what you don’t. Not everyoneneeds to know what your goals are and what you’re up to. Enjoy your hard work andenjoy the simpler things in life like eating that chocolate ice cream youmanaged to get on your way home from the office and the view from your windowor the spontaneous dinner you decided to go to with your family. No one onFacebook needs to know where you went, who you went with and what you did.  Keep the little moments to yourself. They’retoo precious to be wasted thinking about the perfect angles to take theInsta-worthy click and what everyone will think if you post a picture withmessy hair and checking into places so everyone knows you went. Stay low keysometimes. It’s a beautiful, simple place.

Plan everything

The way to a simpler life is to have it organized. If there is too much goingon in your head and a lot of things coming up , plan them. Plan your events,plan your assignments, plan your study schedule, plan your birthday party ! Planningmakes everything look less overwhelming.
Also, planning helps you balance everything. It makes you choose what thingsare more important than the others and what things can be done in a day and howto create balance between work and relationships. It’s not hard to see how itmakes life simpler, right?


If there’s one way you can make your own and other people’s day better, it isby smiling. Smile at people at work, wave them a hi and give them a moment ofpleasantness. Somebody might be having nerve wrecking anxiety or depression andyou smiling at them can make them feel like you’re actually happy they exist.Somebody could be wondering if you’re still mad at them for the last argument youhad and your smile could save the relationship you have with them without evensaying anything.
A smile is the smallest yet the most impactful gesture we can make.  It can make so much of confusion go away andmake life so much simpler !

Life isn’t crazy and overwhelming. We have made it that way. Ego, insecurities, self-doubt and comparisons have made life a mess. Thankfully, the damage is not irreversible.
We can still fix things by making just a few changes.

Cheers to a simpler, happy life!

Fizza Durrani