I Know What’s Holding You Back ~ Amy Goldberg

There have been lots of books written about, what’s holding you back, how to succeed, how to get unstuck, and yet none of these will prove helpful to you IF you’re not willing to take action. It must start with you.

It has to start with the desire to want to shift your mindset. The desire to want to start diving into all the things that give you energy. And yet, what’s it going to take? What’s it really going to take for you to start making a difference in your life? To start shifting your mindset toward serving you better.

First you need to know what’s holding you back.

Did you know that we all have a primitive part of our brain called the reptilian brain, or amygdala. It’s the part of the brain that warns us of danger, holds fear, resistance, anger and negativity. It’s the part of the brain that keeps you from succeeding. The amygdala is responsible for your fight or flight response. It wants to control your life from keeping you away from trying anything risky or new.

It’s the part of the brain that always has a Plan B. It questions everything. It thinks that your new idea will get you fired or bankrupt. That a new endeavour will ruin your life. It’s telling you to shut up and stay in your comfort zone. Do what you’re told. Don’t rock the boat. Ever.

The amygdala (reptilian brain) is the oldest part of the brain, and it’s hardwired to take over whenever it senses danger.

It doesn’t however mean that you can’t beat it. But first you need to recognize the reptilian brain tactics.

Here are some ways the reptilian brain can sabotage you. It does through:

  • Procrastinating,
  • Being Overly Critical,
  • Inventing Anxiety,
  • Obsessing Over Details, and
  • Making Excuses.

Now that you know the signs, how do you fight the reptilian brain?

Here’s how:

Allow yourself to:

  • Have Bad Ideas,
  • Don’t Make A Plan B,
  • Train Yourself To Act The Opposite Of Your Reptilian Brain.
  • Treat Failure As A Learning Experience. Embrace It. And,
  • Don’t Make Excuses. Show Up On Time. Every Time.

When you change your perspective, it’ll become easier for you to fight and win those battles that have kept you stuck.

Trust me, your reptilian brain will keep pushing you. As you start to turn down the noise from your reptilian brain it will gradually become quitter, and eventually become a whisper.

The most important thing is for you to start taking action. Every time your reptilian brain wants to hold you back. Resist. Fight back by taking action. It doesn’t like that.

Watch. Once you stop listening to your reptilian brain, who’s only job is to hold you back, you will feel empowered.

Take back your power.