10 things you can do to Enjoy Diwali but without Crackers ~ Harleen Kaur

In India, winter vibe calls for DIWALI festivities with all the celebration, fun, souvenirs, massive outbreak of sweets, we have our own set of rituals and traditions taking place, but what really connects one hundred thirty-three crore Indians is the ‘ACCEPTANCE in DIVERSITYʼ.

With all the beaming crackers light in the sky that seems so captivating, our subconscious mind tends to be aware of how deadly the fatal world we are creating for our future generation.

It is rightly said by Benjamin Franklin that “Lost time is never found again”.

Maybe we are too engrossed in the rat race of materialistic things that our roots have caught up some rust.

Letʼs dig into the things that are still cool and fun than causing smoke, dust, and mist!

1. Put an end to monotonous walls and minimalism.

As cliché as it may sound but Diwali is all about being EXTRA. Itʼs that time of the year where your home expects your consideration, from those messy cupboards to some pop of colour on your walls youʼve got plenty of time to put your thinking caps on and get yourself some coffee and a notepad to jot down things to spice your house a little. From Beautiful earthen diyas to glaring rangoli colour and fancy lighting the marketers are flooded with all such things.

2. Did someone just say ‘Cheat dayʼ

Saying no to all the sweets, feasts could be a risky affair, as Diwali

translates itself with zillion calories. But since itʼs your favourite festival you can always dig yourself into those lovely meals and family feasts. Itʼs so much more fun to have a hearty meal than produce smoke and mist which is certainly of no use at all.

3. Letʼs wrap some LOVE

We generally tend to find love in the most uncertain ways, and gifting somebody a whole embodiment of handmade stuff could be the best way to be considerate about your loved ones. Some of the ideas include gifting handmade candles, bathing bars, frames and much more. As much as we are concerned for our loved ones, letʼs make sure that weʼre wrapping responsibility too by eliminating the usage of plastic wrapping gift material which comes with toxic colour, by doing this we would unleash our inner Picasso.

4. Bonding over with Folks!!

Having those fun conversations at a family the gathering is still not boring, eliminating your phone and social media for a day is still not rocket science, we all are busy with our respective lives but somewhere in the middle, our heart knows what we are exactly, ‘OUR BONDSʼ Diwali is a great occasion to meet your family, re- experience, relive and rejoice all those lovely moments with your family.

5. Companionship with paws and tails.

We are well aware of the fact that the festivities bring joy for us it brings a lot of anxiety and fear for our little paw and tail friends. Many stray cats and dogs in the locale are run over by cars every

Diwali or get burns because of the crackers. We should be considerate about our little friends and create a joyous Diwali for them too.

6. I hear one say ‘House partyʼ

Diwali is all about catching up with your friends and loved ones. House parties are never boring and are really fun with all the quirky and fun card games. Itʼs always a pleasure to meet your pals.

7. Charity is clarity in mind

Diwali is all prosperity and dazzling lights on every corner, but making Diwali, a festival to remember you could bring joy to the people who are less fortunate but deserve nothing less, you can visit your nearest holy shrine and donate them sweets and clothes to make there Diwali a blessed one.

8. The outburst of gifts gifts gifts

”Thereʼs a flood of gifts,” said no one ever after all with all the love and compassion packed within it everyone loves receiving and giving souvenirs. Diwali can be a great occasion to bestow your family and confidants with all the bounties of love.

9. Planting a good future

With a step towards an incredible change to our environment, we should do something that will keep our surroundings and breathing air clean and sanitised. Plant a seed and fulfil the duties of a responsible civilian.

10. Gratitude is the key

After all this while, this is what you have “NOW”. Sometimes we just forget about what we have while we are striving really hard to get what we want, so practising gratitude will be one habit that will keep your mind and soul connected while also making you humble and confident. This Diwali makes a note that you are happy and grateful for the things that you have been blessed with.

With having a whale of a time to rejoicing the golden treasured moments with family, to triumph over harsh pollutants we are sure to create a world which is comforting and bliss to live in.

This Eco-Diwali is all about Easy breathing, relaxed ears and joyous paws and tails.