Mental Health

 In a country like India, it is still sad to see that this topic is still not touched upon. We care so much about our hearts and body. But the organ that controls all this is our brain, we conveniently forget it. In India, we give much value to intelligence, but when the time comes for the source of our intelligence that is our mind intact, we ignore it. We feel that there is so much of a thing called mental health. Health for people in India is bodily related. You may be wondering how do I know about this issue? I’m a practicing mental health professional in India. I know the taboos and stigmas attached to it. We want to become developed in every sphere of our lives, but why not in mental health? Why don’t people understand health involves the mind and body? Why are so many people discouraged if they say we have a mental health issue?

      Do you know that India is one of the most depressed countries in the world? If people say they are depressed, they get to hear that it’s only a phase it will go. If people say we don’t feel like doing things and we get tired easily. People say that’s because you are lazy. Due to the unawareness of mental health issues so many people have kept their emotions and problems inside them. Indians are scared to even discuss these issues in their families regarding these problems. They know they won’t understand. Some people want to go to mental health professionals for help but they are scared that Indian society will label them as “mad.” Indian society feels that only mad people visit mental health professionals. Why is this attitude? Due to this so many people in the country feel suffocated. Imagine if you didn’t have a brain what would have happened? Simply put, nothing would have functioned in our bodies.

      The country is at a nascent stage by asking what is mental health? When will we be able to talk about it openly? Many schools have counselors, but they have been given names such as “Life Coach,” “Academic Guide,” “Personality Developer,” and so on. Do you know why they give them these names? They fear society will object to this. That means mental health is so feared that their professionals are not called mental health professionals.  Our country has to improve a lot in this field. If we are to progress rather than progress, then it has to open doors to mental health. It’s high time we accept that the mind and body are important. We need to take care of both. When will our country Change? We need to spread awareness far and wide.