Impact of Social Networks ~Prithvika Chetty


“Invention is to create something new-something that did not exist before”. It is truly astounding to recapitulate the countless benefits social networks have given us in defining the way we live. In equal dimensions, social networking plays a vital role in rapid growth of information and Communication technology. Using social media has become a fashion these days. Starting from Google to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, followed by Youtube and many (the list goes on)… The time we wake up and sleep is highly influenced by social media. It is impossible to accept, but it is true. There are many things to say how communication has changed with the help of the Internet.  Every one wonders how fast internet is and reliable to communicate.  Like two sides of the coin we have both advantages and disadvantages of social network in the field of information and communication technology. This article discuses the impact of social networks in various fields.


Social media is an electronic tool that allows people to connect with remote people for their convenience. Some versions of this tool include Linkedln, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others. The impact starts from a 3 year kid to a 70 year old person, Yes of course people are connected by social media in a lot of ways; it has made life simpler and easier. We are connected across borders and oceans but what we fail to see it that we are not connected to the one’s closer to us. Godfathers of  Social Network are “Tom Truscott” and “Jim Ellis” who invented the world’s first User Net systems in 1979. The first recognized social media site is “Six Degrees” created in 1997. It made the users to upload their profile and make friends with other users; communication among various people became more easier that before. In 1999, the first blogging sites became popular. It helps to develop business, politics, socialization and also some negative effects like cyber bullying, lack of privacy, and fake news. The social media has made brought people closeraround the world where they can easily communicate with each other by a single tap on the screen. There are many reasons why social media is important in  our everyday life.

Reason 1:- It helps connect with friends and also to do some new things.

Reason 2:- It helps people share what they are doing or share where they are with other people in the world.

Reason 3:- It can be used to order things online.

What are the most popular SN systems?

1. PINTEREST: It was created by BEN SILBERMANN, PAUL SCIARRA, AND EVAN SHARP.  The significance of the images on the Internet should not be exaggerated, so why is it the only site that has attracted so much special visits on monthly basis? It is very attractive and uses the pin board style used to collect great images.

2. WHATSAPP: It was created by BRIAN ACTON in 2009. This tool has transformed a lot enabling instant messaging, working with data or internet connection to send or receive messages. Besides, you can send voice messages, photos, and videos. The Whatsapp comes with customized features such as notifications, sounds, profiles, and wallpapers.

3. FACEBOOK: It was created by MARK ZUCKERBERG in 2004. This most popular social network on the Internet ensures privacy by making users login with their registration number. This popular SN on the internet is different from other websites people can easily accept the news which is shared by others in this SN easily. But no  one is ready to accept the truths; more than 50% users in facebook are registered with fake ID.

4. TWITTER: It was created by JACK DORESY in 2013. If you need access to instant messaging, then Twitter becomes the most active site in SN. Twitter is a micro blogging network that allows multiple types of multimedia content to be shared through tweets. Many individuals are benefiters by its universal usability.   

5. INSTAGRAM: It was created by MIKE KRIEGER in 2010.  In this app, we can post our photos and videos and it is very easy to get new online friends.  We can get new ideas to search using #hashtags.


Technology can change so many things in a short period of time. Every person has smartphones and the emergence ofSocial media world has made it convenient and easier for people to view world news, feeds and many more. It’s such a thrill to see how a smart brick can turn our lives. Now, the World has become an easier and faster than before. There’s only two generations now. Ours and our ancestors before us When we  compare these generations are we can see how difficult they found to communicate. Let us see the impacts below,


 Young minded children who should be engaged in bringing up new ideas and discoveries are busy with chit chatting and commenting.

“Smartphones have already replaced many things in today’s generation.., let it not replace the family”. Young minds are very competitive in learning and consuming new information. Every day , they are at the forefront of all kinds of social media. Most SN are run by many young minds. But it also has its own pros and cons. There are those who spend time on  sites and social media that abuse their young minds by consuming unnecessary information. That’s why it’s vital for parents with children aged 5 to 18 to keep a close eye on what children are seeing, because the information they get on these sites shape their lives.


Of course, social media sites are ripe for marketing efforts, and over the pace few years, users have seen an increase in advertisements on sites. Many companies actually choose to simply switch ads into a part of the site. It allows close connections between customers and companies, which will lead to better service and better quality products. But consumer often fall for unworthy products just by being attracted through advertisement. This in the most cases lead to dissatisfaction of customers.


  • Brand awareness-grab the attention of potential customers and increase brand visibility.• 
  • Cost effective -much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities.• 
  • Website traffic-boost traffic to your website & and to increase online conversation.• 
  • Evaluation- It is easy to determine how many sales are generated.• 
  • Customer interaction- Helps to improve customer service • 
  • Target audience- It makes Business people to find their customers easy through online.• 
  • Brand loyalty – Build a good relationship between Traders and Customers


People spend a lot of time on their social media sites, because they can be a great entertainer. People have become addicted to post almost everything beginning from their deadlines, to watching pictures, reading stories and playing games. Social media is available today to suit people’s needs and life styles from Twitter to Facebook and Google+, there’s something for everyone who wants to connect.


  • 1. Social media provides instant information, where people cannot miss a single thing of the happenings of the world. It has also made business easy by enabling business to invest more in advertisements.
  • 2. Ability to connect other people all over the world.
  • 3. Easy and instant communication.
  • 4. Real time news and information.
  • 5. Great opportunities for business.
  • 6. General fun and enjoyment.
  • 7. Sharing of knowledge.
  • 8. Improved creativity.



It causes ill impacts on the health of the people who sites for hours before Smartphones, laptops and desktops. The harmful UV radiations released from these gadgets cause dangerous eye disease. Children have started to wear thick eye glasses, which is quite sad


Now a days childhood are found engaged in different social networks websites. Most of the people spend hours and hours in front of digital gadgets posting and commenting on useless things.


Exposure of unwanted videos in Informative websites causes  diversion of people.


Those who are addicted to the SN didn’t have time to hear the lessons taught to them by their guardians and parents.


Various SN ask the users personal information like address, contact No, marital status, etc. It has no privacy, this proves to be very harmful to any individual as their information can be misused.


SN is a double edged sword. People should use their discretion and not misuse the freedom that SN has given. In business, SN enables business men to introduce new strategies to reach their customers. SN is used by millions of individuals. We must our children to use SN in a correct way.  If we want to get back the full society of yesteryears we must stop to sharing all messages without analyzing whether they are true or fake .This world contains 7 million humans they have doubled their impressions and now show 14 million faces. The big question in front of us is,