We speak, as we are trollsters ~ Ravneet Sangha

Every day we have time to trivialise whether Priyanka wears a choli under her saree or why did Dhoni have a balidan badge on his glove but what really matters is that things aren’t getting better . Twinkle Sharma, a small two year old gets raped, killed but then status is changed to the fact that she was killed, murdered and not raped . Why do we always want to politicise the situation?

Everything is about sensationalising the moment, to cash into the money, to be the first to give exclusive breaking news.

Humanity, empathy and being considerate or just being plain old human has lost the flavour. I am still trying to come into term with the virtual anonymity it’s of the trollsters who make it their business to make fun, ridicule or just be rude under the guise of modern virtual rules that were made by somebody sitting somewhere.

Trolls to me are the sweet little tuffy haired toys that I grew up with and not these vicious words online. I know we all have an opinion about everything under the sun ( this too is one !!) but why do we end up being mean? Am I stupid or gullible?

In a country where we worship Nari Shakti as the epitome of our religious beliefs and believe that she is the giver, fighter, destroyer , is the reason for our wealth , prosperity , culture and for our knowledge ; how is that we end up debasing, defiling, multinational, raping her pure form again and again? How does the man become an animal? I think even the animals would protest and say we don’t do this. These humans are monsters and instead of politicising the case that he was a Muslim or a Hindu, lets all collectively find the answer once and for all. The accused is an offender as he was caught raping his own daughter, then how did the justice fare for us?
You all tweet, make headlines, debate and pass sweeping statements but its all hogwash and crap sold in the nicest polite way. For me, the saving grace was last week when one such rapist was caught in Rama Mandi, beaten to death by the mob who then took his body to the police station and enmass told the inspector that please arrest us.

In this case, it was Hindu, raping a Hindu child before you start making any statements. For once, put our religions aside, its an evil human raping an innocent and no matter what the provocation is or was this is inhuman act isn’t justified.

The alarming statements that all the water will finish, or humans will perish in 31years by the climate rousers doesn’t matter when the inhumanity and evil have reached to such levels. My maid’s wisdom, nails it, she says they don’t think women matter because no one cares, they only see us an outlet for physical gratification and till we aren’t taught that women have feelings or are humans in the same footing will this end. End the double speak and stop retweeting till you don’t mean business.