India to witness the first ever public festival of Light & New Media Arts emrg2020

Artillume, a platform for introducing and encouraging experimental new media arts is coming up with an experiential fun-filled journey called emrg in collaboration with Delhi Tourism, Government of NCT of Delhi. emrg is India’s biggest Light and New Media Arts Festival, which commences on 20thMarch 2020, on a 20-acre beautifully curated garden space at the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi. The festival endeavours to put a common public space in a different light by using various light and art installations for creating moments of magic, curiosity, joy and wonder to fascinate the people in and around Delhi. The goal is to use playful interactivity to carve out experiences that remain etched and illuminated in everybody’s memory. This will allow the public to engage with the space and forget their socio-cultural differences. emrg,a first of its kind event in India will provide artists across the country, an opportunity to display their creativity and talent and reverberate the garden space with 40+ immersive and interactive light art installations and mesmerising projection mapping shows.

About Artillume: Artillume is a collaborative space for new media artists, projection artists, light designers, interactive designers, creative coders and the other people who believe that the new media expansion needs to be guided in the right direction to create the art of the future.

Supported by various New Media Design Institutes and Studios, including Splat Studio – a New Media Design Studio which provides a plethora of services ranging from multimedia design to interactive design, using techniques like Projection Mapping, Experiential Space Design, Motion Graphics, VFX, AR, VR, 3D, Animation & other Interactive solutions, Artillumeis an incubation and promotion platform which enables collaborative experimentation between the people from different expertise to come together for seminars, workshops and master classes, and create the art of future using technology and create public experiences.

After Delhi, Bengaluru is set to emrg soon!