Is it Cold? ~ Ravneet Sangha

We’ve been having the worst kind of cold , its like as if George Martin had moved to Punjab and his favorite phrase winter is coming is here . We are officially witnessing Ice Age and the squirrel is in Qadianwali . I keep on complaining like an old aunty about the cold over the endless cups of masala chai and my new yet old fad of green tea.However, my true love is coffee still.
Coming to the cold let me tell you how I layer myself being sucked in by the fancy schmancy brands that are keeping me warm and are fencing off the cold as if I was manning the post in Siachen against the enemies. In fact all that we cover every minute of our lives currently is the cold and how to combat it , layering ourselves with thermals , warm socks and the jackets that promise to keep away the arctic cold winds. And this when temperature is plummeting to 2 degrees only. My maid asked me the other day , why do you feel cold? It’s not cold, don’t think about it .

She made so much sense . At home , we have our heaters , blowers working and we wear thermals that are the finest , clad ourselves with the finest and softest and warmest clothes so that we keep warm and drinking copious cups of chai to keep warm and still complain about the cold . Just thinking its cold , is making us cold and then we in our reverse psychology wear more and more clothes and drink more chai to beat the cold.