INDIA will Celebrate Independence Day when a Women will feel Secure ~ Harleen Kaur

In a True Sense INDIA will Celebrate Independence Day when a Women will feel secure while going out on INDIAN roads.

Stop, Look, Move! These three words mark the bleak reality of where our Country is leading forward to. We talk about Gender Discrimination, Child Labour, Poverty, Climate Change and what not but do you really think we can work on anything if the females in your country are feeling suffocated and strangled with Warnings like don’t go out, it’s too late!

How ironic is it that we have Navarati, Diwali, Vasant Panchami where Goddess is worshipped, but when it comes to reality the Women breathe anxiety, feel torturous face awfulness, with such horrible with dreadful eyes around them.

Every time there’s a statement about Women’s assault there’s a procedure that follows in India –

A huge outrage of Anger and Furiousness goes upon Social Media with Trending Hashtags that follow #WomenNotSafeInIndia #Justice #WomenAssault #IndiaNotSafe

and Whatnot! But the judiciary ends up taking no severe action upon the criminals subsequently making the Victim suffer infinitely!

Once I was reading an article which followed the schemes that are carried forward for Women Empowerment! It was utterly shocking for me that the Article consisted of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao programme, One-stop centre scheme (popularly known as ’Sakhi’), STEP (Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women) and Whatnot but not even a single mention was given to Women’s Safety, if the women are not safe where they reside, work, travel to then what’s the point of having such schemes!

My sister once shared an incident with me where one of her colleagues took a cab from the office, she had some dinner plans with her fiance. The cab driver started talking on the phone in Marathi so as to not make the girl bother about anything, luckily the girl knew Marathi the words that were spoken by him were ”Ek Bhut Sundar ladki baithi hui hai, tu Aaja mei Tujhe GK mei milta hun” after hearing these words, she felt quite unsafe and troubled up she said ”Bhaiya roko” and said my phone isn’t working ”Mei bahar nikal rhi hun phone mei signal nhi aa rhe” and then she called her Fiance. She really didn’t take any action but saw all the details of the driver on the Uber app and found that the driver joined one month back. Which makes us GIRLS question that what is the credibility or the recruitment process of Uber or Ola? Are they just taking Aadhar Card and Voter Id card? Do they think the identity card is just enough? Are girls safe with the driver they choose? Zillions of questions are there but the answer is crumpled between the files, cases and the verdict! You do a case to find out attending multiple hearing but no action being taken.

But speaking on behalf of every Single Girl, I feel We WOMEN expect Law and Enforcement to take some intense and significant steps about Women’s safety. Now is the time to make considerable changes in the way the safety is taken for Women! There’s always a warning signal that is on the back of my head whenever I step out, Is my phone charged enough? Am I carrying pepper spray in my bag? I should inform Mumma about the cab that I have taken! Are these questions normal enough inside the mind of a teenager who’s just studying in school or college? It really isn’t, actually it not at all natural rather it shows the cruelty that resides outside our homes.

From Sati practices to Overpowering Patriarchy Women want justice from the so-called ‘Masculinity’ which wants women to get subdued by the patronising attitude.

No matter how many good schools or universities your son is going to if he does not know the meaning of ‘NO’ he is illiterate and a sinner in every sense.

I dare to question What the Government is doing apart from various schemes that just glorify what the government is doing. While I end up finding that no serious action is being carried forward by them.
We don’t want GDP growth, Higher Share prices, Fancy Schools, Malls, Industrialisation. When WOMEN are not safe in this country where ”Maa” ”Beti” are glorified in movies but not in reality. They seek and get respect and honour at distinct award functions but not at those secluded streets and places. They are worshipped in temples but not at home.