Kiro’s founder Vasundhara Patni on the acceleration of clean beauty during the Covid-19 pandemic

The global beauty industry spanning across skincare and colour cosmetics has been immensely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Sales have been weak and the incoming demand has seen a great shift. If the pandemic has taught us something then it is to re-evaluate our purchases and shift to a more mindful consumption. Over the lockdown, people have increasingly researched the pros and cons of using various products that they would otherwise use in their daily lifestyle, without reasonable thought. In the beauty sector, the ‘Clean Beauty’ movement gained momentum as consumers realised the benefits of sustainable living. 

While ‘clean beauty’ is used as a blanket term for anything that is deemed green or organic, it serves a specific purpose. This category is formulated with products that are free from any potential damage on human health. I feel the days of having to choose between what looks good on you and what’s good for you are numbered. Today, when you refer to ‘clean beauty’, think high performance, impactful, luxurious, safe and effective products. 

Clean beauty is a novel experience for consumers with non-toxic products that deliver the same results. The word ‘non-toxic’ is used to signify the elimination of harmful ingredients and their potential side-effects. Owing to the health issues that may prevail years down the line in an individual’s body, consumers have become more aware and cautious about introducing the right products in their daily lifestyle. I have seen that consumers in their free time have taken efforts to explore various different brands in the market that offer safer products as they have eventually realised health is of paramount importance. 

While innovations in the beauty industry continue to take place, the pandemic has brought in a general awareness around the importance of a more sustainable future. Mindful consumption that is good for both the planet and people remains a huge focus for every brand owner including me.

Consumers have also realised the role they play in making the planet a better place and this can only be achieved with mindful yet effective products. Even with Kiro, a brand that I launched during the pandemic, innovation and agility came during challenging times, and it has only strengthened my team and I to work towards our philosophy of delivering qualitative products.  

During this process, I have discovered the consumer’s renewed interest in validating products, and researching their authenticity before making a purchase.. This has further motivated beauty brands to create products that are smart, indulgent, effective yet mindful. 

Due to the increased awareness in the market and conversations around the ‘clean beauty’ movement, consumers are now looking at entrepreneurs who are striving to build a change in the market. Unless bigger companies take the first step into this realm, consumers will fray away from trusting various brands if they do not see a positive impact being created. While many have still not stepped into this space, consumers continue to push brands to take a mindful approach as they foresee this movement not only just as a trend but as a revolution to ensure that we live on a healthier planet. 

With this being said, when the world was on a standstill , the time each person denoted towards self-awareness and the activities that they would otherwise miss in their hectic lives have played a major role in these shifting trends. I believe that sustainability is the future and consumers are smarter than before to flip the coin when need be.