Wear your pride to define ‘What freedom means to you?

As a form of self-expression, fashion can make us feel empowered. The clothing we wear, the jewellery we adorn is sub-consciously suggestive of our personality, identity and mood. Fashion can be oppressive and it can even be liberating, depending on how we choose to use it as a means of communication.

We get in conversation with celebrated designers of the industry, where they express what it means to ‘wear one’s pride’ and ‘what freedom means?’ to each one of them.


Freedom comes from within; when we decide for ourselves what we want, when we want and how we want it. I find the most happiness and freedom when I create and design each collection, keeping at heart the aspirations of my client. I feel every woman must have a sea of options to choose from.” – Saloni & Salman, Founders, Gulabo Jaipur

Freedom is an extremely powerful word . It can mean several things and is extremely individualistic . To some it means independence, and to others it means the ability to act and speak freely – or to go where they wish. For us, freedom is to express through our designs. Meaningful freedom within which to be creative . Finding new paths to and from creativity through our designs . Designers can potentially make an important contribution to this quest, given that design is about imagining and achieving better futures and going sustainable.” – Sukriti & Aakriti https://www.instagram.com/sukritiandaakritiofficial/?hl=en

Freedom is a luxury, and we are lucky! To be being able to express and make our choices and make a mark in the world map we have come a long long way! Freedom can be expressed through art, culture, fashion which in turn sets a bare for future generations to follow!” – Salima Lalani, Founder, Salima Lalani Label


“Freedom to me is the right to be myself – unapologetically. It’s a choice to live a life that I want for myself and grow into the person I want to become on my own terms. This is also reflected through our creations at Zwaan. Our fuss-free feminine designs empower the wearer to become a version of themselves that they aspire to be. The simplicity of our silhouettes gives them the confidence and the room to experiment and express themselves however they like.” – Tanvi Sawlani, Creative Director, Zwaan

Freedom to me is being myself and expressing what’s inside me through creativity. Designing has always been my freedom as it helps me to portray my thoughts and convert them into philosophical art- Siddhant Agrawal, Founder, Siddhant Agrawal Label

“Patriotism for me is being rooted to where I belong. Encouraging and optimally utilizing local produce to hand-in-hand elevate and flourish towards a progressive future! Motivate and Buy Local!” – Kunal Anil Tanna, Creative Director


Eishita Puri, Founder & Creative Director, Eurumme takes extreme pride in carving a niche for her sustainable brand and constantly reinventing her designs. Her collection Metanoia is a tribute to eco-friendly, slow fashion with reused cardboard being the base of the entire collection.

Opalina’s Garden of Eden pays homage to the diversity in nature, floral and fauna in our country. Being made in India, the brand’s unconventional designs evoke a sense of pride and are at par with other jewellery brands globally.