Life in the Corona Times ~ Ravneet Sangha

Every day the fear of corona and its far-reaching consequences cast a gloom over our world. A world, a universe we had taken for granted by creating a life that was the perusal of the highest worldly order, and supremacy is trampling over the lesser few and downtrodden. We have abused nature, all that we have taken to be our birthright without caring for conservation and to not rape and plunder our natural resources. In recent years, we talk more of climate control, environmental protection, ozone layer depletion, killings of wildlife to use as a trophy or to eat or to further life expectancy due to traditional practices; this ruthless killing and exploitation have led us to this misfortune.

In our greed, we have reached our zenith and guess what all the overconfidence that we would reach Mars has led us to the point that we are under lockdown and have a curfew imposed.

A role reversal, where now we are locked in our homes, behind four walls and animals roam free. The entire meme industry is working overtime exploding with humour that now humans are in, and wildlife walks outside carefree and is reclaiming their earth back from us. This all you know of, but what I am increasingly seeing and hearing from others is how difficult it is to be inside their homes.

We all are a privileged lot, with everything available and we have the Internet, running water, electricity and all the comforts but what are we all worried about is how to go out. It’s leading to anxiety, mental disorders, and depression and a sudden tightening in the chest, mood swings, anger or sullen sulking moods; some are getting clingy and sad.

Why is this happening? We, all live to please others, to show others what we wear or what we have. Seldom is any consumption is done for ourselves, it’s more for display and to create an aura to others that we have this brand or jewels and the affluence we can show.

During this period, I want you to love yourself and be, its not a rat race to clean or de-clutter, nothing is going away, ride the time, and be kind to yourself first and then you can shower to others,

We feel anxious because we all think we are facing imminent death, we aren’t, see the statistics of how many people are recovering of extraordinary courage where the world is coming together to be humanitarian and pray.

The nonstop bombardment of news, the access to news and information is leading to us being sad, depressed.

Not all of us are strong. It’s ok to be weak and vulnerable, we are humans, and we aren’t cast in the same mould.

The only thing I want you to do with me is to be positive and say this affirmation with me, that I love myself and I will be fine. Repeat this a few times and do one thing that makes you happy, it could be just applying perfume, or putting Kajal, put your best foot forward and most importantly, dress up and show up. There isn’t any excuse to not to! It’s a motto of never give in, implement it now.

We are creatures of habit, and we need this routine to function, so move that ass and clock those steps, and we are so lucky we can face time, video chat sees outlived and chooses our meals. Imagine, those who are making the trek back home and save their meagre possessions and are facing real hardship.

Storms don’t last forever, and the darkest storms pass, and there is light.

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