How to get organised? OTT organised!

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Maybe you are just not an organised person, or maybe your things to do list is getting longer by the day. How exactly do you get motivated and more importantly organised. Here is an easy list on how to get organised.

  1. Add reminders/Schedule using a calendar

    You probably like everyone else write a to do list or think of everything you need to do and forget/move half of it to the next day. Add everything to your calendar for the day and schedule the things you need to do. This way you won’t go to the market and come back home only to remember you forgot the coffee you went out to get. Don’t let the idea of a calendar bore you, use emojis and have fun. Go OTT and even add travel times with any off site appointments. Schedule a time for emails, don’t let them govern your day.

  2. Siri (or anything like it) is your friend

    Ask Siri unashamedly to remind you off things. You can ask Siri to remind you about , birthdays, that gift you need to buy and ask for a notification update.  Just Ask Siri. You can even ask Siri to search through your emails.  While cooking or measuring you can ask Siri to convert measurements for you. You can also ask Siri what’s on your calendar. Best Part: You can ask Siri to remind you of tasks when you reach a location. For eg: Remind me to call mum when I reach home.

  3. Schedule/Automate the essential Business Tasks

    Social Media for example or email marketing is essential. But you may not want your team/or you yourself to spend oodles of time everyday on this. Create a calendar using project management software and schedule your emails/social media in one go for the week. This way you and your team have a clear focus but you have enough time to focus on other tasks.

  4. Subscribe and Save

    You can save a-lot of time and mental energy by using subscribe and save. Vitamins, Water Filters, Hair dye anything you use regularly and have to refill. This way you never run out, never worry or stress about these things. So you can spend your time being awesome, all while saving a bit of money.

  5. Project Management Systems

    Need to get your teams organised and ensure they all stay on top of their tasks. Use a project management software to manage tasks. Set Priorities, Due dates, provide all essential information needed to complete the task. Hold your team accountable for their tasks and ensure they know the task and that they are non-negotiable. Use tags to mark files that need review, approval, proofreading, so everyone is on top of everything at all times. We love asana personally.

    Printable Weekly

  6. Meal Plan and Prep

    Food is essential and its important you eat healthy and make good food choices. Each week sit down and make a meal plan for the week and a groceries list. This will ensure that when you come home and you are tired, you know what you are making and get on with it. This way you have everything you need and won’t be tempted to open up Zomato to get that takeaway.

  7. BrainDump List

    Wash the cushions, get a present for your friend’s birthday, do you find yourself thinking of things while you are in the middle of important tasks. Create a brain dump list, so you can attend to it when you have some breathing room.

  8. Prioritise/Don’t waste time

    Create a goals list and focus on the priorities, and be ruthless with your time. Don’t prioritise activities that aren’t in line with your goals. Read them everyday, to ensure you always have an unwavering focus.

  9. Always do your most important task first

    You may be familiar with eat the frog concept. Always tackle the most important tasks first. Many people try and do the easy tasks before getting to the important tasks. If you do your most important task first, you will not only prioritise correctly. But, you will focus your energy on  the important task and complete them first, meaning you won’t get frustrated

  10. Sync all your devices/ Centralise everything

    Notes/Manuals/Documents/Passwords can be all over the place, find a system that works for you and use it to save you time. It means you can not only access everything from anywhere, but if you only have one system. You won’t spend precious time finding files or passwords. Dropbox, OneDrive or ICloud are good options. If you are worried about security set up two factor authentication.

  11. Make time to Read/Get Inspired

    In order, to be productive as a result of your organisation. Always stay inspired, read, and exercise. Because being organised is all about being productive. There is no benefit otherwise.

  12. Mediate

    Try and make 5-10 minutes to meditate,  to not get stressed by your tasks. To thrive in everything it is important you take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Mediation can help you slow down and regain focus. Its helps your brain reduce stress.

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