Meet The Founder: Huma Asgar, {Doodle Collection}

Tell us a little about the idea and major impetus behind starting Doodle Collection?

Doodle Collection started from my deep rooted love for stationery. And this stems from my love for aesthetics and design. It wasn’t an easy road. Piercing through not only a conservative and patriarchal society, but also creating a new space in an industry which has long been strongly male-dominated. I now, proudly lead a talented Doodle’s workforce, 80% of which is fiercely female! Doodle has been making desks and lives colorful with diaries, notebooks and lifestyle products. Doodle is a unique combination of functionality and design. Available across creative themes like, Glam, Quirky, Executive, Motivation, Travel, Love and more.

Do you believe that journaling your thoughts through this lockdown helps people considering the mental health scenario in the country?

Since quarantine has affected millions of people across the world, we feel it’s important to identify effective ways to improve mental well-being. Studies have shown that expressive writing – a form of ‘journaling’ – has a modest effect on improving mental health.Strangely, we have been cooped up in our houses for months now and yet every day we’re all discovering things around us that we would have missed otherwise. So putting our plans, thoughts, observations together in a journal, is not only a way to keep us constructively occupied, but it becomes a sort of a log we can go back to, given the eccentricity of the current times.

Has covid-19 affected your business? How is this crisis going to change your marketing strategy in the future?

Like many other businesses, ours has been affected by the sudden turn of events and this reflected in our first quarter sales. Covid-19 is going to significantly affect retail, domestic and international for us.
On the bright side, the last couple of months, has allowed us to have a deeper understanding and connect with our online audience. We’ve built a great online community over the years but have seen some significant growth in that space, through these months.I think digital marketing is going to be our primary focus for 2020. We’ll continue to be communicative with, and mindful of, our online community. Making their shopping experience with us, convenient and satisfying, with personalized support and attention.

Is there anything in particular you have learned during the pandemic that you would like to highlight?

I think the one thing that’s come glaring through this time is how wildly connected the world

is.So far we only focused on the connectivity that technology allows or the global nature of business, but we are obviously all connected at a micro level too, as it became evident by the speedy spread of the virus around the globe. We all need to understand the fragility of lives, learn to stay more in the moment, focus on health and well-being and live more holistic lives.

How do you think retail will change in the months ahead?

While this pandemic brought retail to a complete stop, in the coming months the customers would like to get back to it because of the desire to interact and transact. Retail already has adapted swiftly, with its functioning, and will have to ensure that the customer feels safe and secure, in order to continue business without disruption.

Tell us about your favourite collection?

I think our 2020-21 launch 1 has turned out amazing, especially our Eco-friendly range. We have been thinking on our feet and given the much needed importance of having a range, that furthers our intent in making nature friendly choices, and in-turn encouraging our customers to do the same. Also our new accessories of tote bags, pouches and posters are really going to be loved by our customers

Where is Doodle Collection in 2025?

I think this lock-down helped us to sit back and really think about where we’re headed. Doodle is and always will be a stationery and lifestyle brand. We’re eager and excited about the category expansions and introductions that we’re planning to make in 2020 and in the next 5 years, we aim to succeed in all of them. As we will continue to keep our eyes firmly on our goal, yet reinvent ourselves, keeping with the changing trends and mindful of the evolving global scenario.