Mindset on a T-Shirt By Amy Goldberg

Consider this for a second. You’re walking down the street and typically if people are walking alone, they usually avoid eye contact, or look at you with a; “What are you looking at” expression. Or, perhaps their deep in thought, or on their smartphone.

My point being, even when you do look at people straight in the eye and smile and say; “Hello” you are met with a number of different reactions. Sometimes you even get a; “hello” back.

I often think that wouldn’t it be funny if that same person who you said hello to and didn’t reply back, thinking that you’re probably a weirdo, was later introduced to you by a mutual friend. That same person would most certainly say; “hello!!” to you then. And probably be super friendly.

The same thing applies to events, parties, conferences etc. where we’re all there for the same reason, or to celebrate the same person and yet we find it hard to muster up enough energy, or courage to say “hello.”

It probably comes down to being lousy ‘networkers.’ A word by the way that drives me nuts. Another ridiculous word that elicits anything BUT being authentic.

A quick second to rant – it’s not about networking (I think of speed dating when I hear that word). It’s not about collecting ‘business cards’ – remember those? It’s about building relationships.

I have an idea for you. Wouldn’t it be great if you picked out warm and fuzzy t-shirt sayings such as; “It’s all about the love.” “Hello Beautiful.” “We’re all fabulous.” “Hello.” And every time you put on that t-shirt, you had to become that message. You would then need to shift your mindset and ‘feel’ the words that were written.

Case-in-point. I have a great t-shirt that I love. It says; “Compassion” on it. That’s it. Just compassion. I noticed a few times when I wore it that I was feeling anything but compassionate. Maybe I was in a grumpy mood. I just knew that I wasn’t being or feeling compassionate.

After realizing this, I made a mental note that the next time I wore that shirt I would embody the message. And I did. My day dramatically shifted.

I embodied compassion. I could feel compassion in my bones. It was an incredibly soul-lifting experience when I made the decision to BE my saying on my shirt.

It’s a good mood lifter.

Here’s what I’m suggesting – A Challenge.

Select 7 t-shirts that have great sayings on them. Positive sayings that resonate with you. The whole point is to have uplifting messages. Wear one a day for a week.

If you have to be in corporate attire – you may be able to get away with a t-shirt under a blazer?

The whole point is to have it be seen. If this proves to be a no-go, then start this 7-day challenge when you know you can wear the shirts. Or, start when you’re on holidays. It doesn’t matter. If 7 days is tough, then do it for 2 days on the weekend. I encourage you to just try it.

Notice how you start to shift your mindset when you start to connect with your message. Think of it as being “one with your shirt.”

Your message will come out loud and clear. Watch how your disposition changes. Watch how you engage with others. Watch how people respond to your message on your shirt.

The worst is when someone is wearing a shirt that says; “Be the Love,” and they are anything but love.

Who we are, how we act in the world, how we connect with others, and what we bring to the world is our choice. Choose to be the positive messages that you need to convey.

In this day and age, it’s needed.

Message me and let me know how you felt. https://www.amyg.rocks/contact