The Art of Acceptance by Sana Rose

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Most of humankind is driven by the sheer need for contentment. It varies greatly from person to person what contentment means or includes. However, a lot of it revolves around the achievement of something or other. To put it in one word – goals.

But, then, is that all? Sometimes, you have made tons of money. Sometimes, you have become everything you have ever wished for. And yet some other times, you have come far in terms of experience and self-actualization. But ever felt like, no, this is just not all? Something is left behind. Something is incomplete. Someone is doing things wrong. I feel incomplete.

On the other side of the flat coin called life, you might have not made it big, you might be yet to begin your journey and you might have no idea where you are headed. Alternately, you might be simply disappointed by certain people. Your expectations were not fulfilled. Your goals remain unachieved, dreams unrealized and life, untouched.

You are, in short, discontent. Let me rewrite what I wrote earlier – most of humankind is driven by sheer discontentment. Discontentment sounds heavy. It does feel heavy, too, if you have ever been there. But why is it so prevalent? Enough to run the world?

I believe what we are looking at is an absence of acceptance. Acceptance is replaced by adjustments, compromises and sacrifices. Acceptance is replaced by judgements and prejudices. Acceptance is chided by wrong self-concepts and attribution.

I can speak of discontentment because, well, obviously, I have been there, too – strongly so, being a creative person with haphazard priorities and disorganization. Then I discovered the power of acceptance. It was a very slow process. Once the art of acceptance was learned, life flipped over. It has been better ever since. It has been less spiteful, less discontent and more productive. And yes, happier.

Installing Acceptance 1.0 in your conscious and subconscious systems helps refocus and reprioritize the elements in your life. It helps to materialize your dreams and work towards the materialization of more of it. It brushes off unnecessary emotions and polishes the positive ones into shining. It also equips you to respond more and react less. Further, it allows you to forgive yourself and others more, which is a huge step towards being content. It lifts off bitterness at things beyond your control. Above all, acceptance makes you realize that you are solely responsible for your happiness.

Being social animals has its catch – a lot of our life involves and revolves around other people. It is inevitable unless we choose hermit life or take solitude to a whole new level of isolation and appear to be anti-social. But we are far from contentment when we have to behave contrary to our nature. Nevertheless, not everyone in our life is working towards the actualization of our contentment. Rather, all are driven towards their own.

Hence, any change-driven movement must be rooted in the idea of empowering who you are, rather than enhancing who you are not. It goes without saying that self-acceptance is the highest and most primary form of acceptance. The rest follows.

Tailpiece: However, one thing must be clear when we finally decide to incorporate acceptance into our daily routine. Acceptance includes forgiving and understanding. What it does not include is compromising on your own dreams and goals. You just don’t have to tag anybody onto them as you journey forward.