Neutral Face By Amy Goldberg

Have you ever watched an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with host Jerry Seinfeld in which he had Tina Fey as a guest? She was talking about a friend of hers who, when in ‘neutral’ mode, had a less than flattering face. This is the face we show when we’re walking and/or doing anything that doesn’t require us to talk or engage with others. Apart from its being hilarious, the episode made me notice people’s neutral faces. I imagine it’s pretty tough to hold a smiley neutral face. So, hence the reason why I see so many frowns or turned down mouths.

They’re everywhere. And, in fact, they are not pleasant looking. The expression of your neutral face, I believe, is one of those rare moments when you’re being your true self. This neutral expression (which, by the way, is anything but neutral – it’s rather contorted) is something that comes right from our soul. It reflects a lot of who we are when we’re not paying attention. Sometimes, I can actually feel people thinking.

If you ever get a glimpse of your neutral face in the mirror, I bet it’ll change just as soon as you think, I need to see what my neutral face looks in the mirror. Guaranteed–because now you’re aware of it. We’re great actors. I know, however, when I’m feeling the love in my heart, my neutral face is relaxed, warm, and open. When I’m not feeling myself (so to speak), I can look intense.

One day I was walking down the street and thought I saw someone I knew. I texted the person afterwards to say, I thought I saw you today. The person texted back saying, Yes, you did. I didn’t stop you as you looked as if you were a person on a mission. That translates into “intense.”

After thinking about it, I knew it was true. I was walking fast. I was thinking fast, and I’m sure that my face looked as if I were constipated. Ha, I’m sure of it. This is when I knew that I needed just to slow the hell down and be in the moment. It’s tough. We are either thinking about the past or living in the future. Even when we can rationalize that all we have is now, we have a heck of a time living it.

All this is to say that we need to pay more attention to what our body is revealing to us. Fact–we are one with our mind, body and soul. It shows up for us and manifests itself in many ways – even in our ‘neutral’ face.

I ask you– what would a relaxed, open, and kind expression of yourself look like on your face?

Try it and see. I should say Feel it and see.