Nikasha’s Home Remedies for Every Hair Type

Do you simply hate applying oil to your hair? Here are some home remedies you will love. These remedies can be easily created with ingredients available at home.

A remedy for Dry Hair

Mix honey with some water and apply on your hair.  Wash after an hour or so. You can do this whenever you get the time; it’s easy and quick.

A remedy for Soft Hair

Take a lemon and egg whites, and mix well. Keep this mask for 1 hour then wash it off.

A remedy for Shiny Hair

Take half cup of milk and egg yolk and mix well. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash.

A remedy for Oily Hair

Apply yoghurt to your hair for  30 minutes and shampoo your hair.


Take coconut milk and add half a teaspoon of neem powder, and 2 tablespoons of orange juice. Mix to form a paste and apply this mask on your scalp keep for 30 minutes. Wash it with water.

A remedy for Split Ends

Take aloe vera gel and combine an egg yolk. Add some glycerine and mix. Apply this for 30 minutes and wash.

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About the Author: Nikasha is a fashion designer by profession who writes a blog with tips on fashion, beauty and much more