You Are Your Own Hero by Amy Goldberg

For years I’ve been saying; “Wherever you go. There you are.” It’s cute. People seem to get a chuckle out of it. And yet, I hadn’t given much thought to the deeper meaning.

Every one of us is unique. We have qualities, personalities and capabilities unlike anyone else. That’s incredible!! You’re incredible!

We spend every second of every day with ourselves. So, having said that, how would you answer the following questions?

  • How do you treat yourself?
  • Are you your own best friend?
  • Are you kind to yourself?
  • Do you honour your mind, heart and soul?
  • Are you leading a fulfilled life that is worthy of who you are?
  • …. And the biggest question I have for you … Have you given any of this any thought?

One thing I hope that you take away from this post is knowing that You Are Your Own Hero. If you’re not, you need to be. This is worth repeating:


We are so busy being told to mirror, follow, shadow people whose lives we want to emulate. ‘They say,’ “If you want to be successful” ….. blah blah blah ….. follow what ‘they do’ and how they do it. Read that back to yourself. Does this make any sense to you?

Firstly, who are ‘they?’ And why do you want to be anyone other than yourself?

We have no idea who people really are. Only what they want us to know and want us to believe. Imagine if you took the time to really get to know yourself. To discover who YOU really are. Now that’s worth diving into!

Certainly, you glean knowledge and information that resonates with you from a number of different people and sources, and yet … it’s when we become groupies, followers, worshippers is where we can lose ourselves. We start to lose our confidence. Our self-esteem. Our own instincts and gut-check. We begin to doubt ourselves, and relying on others to give us the answers.

In my last post ‘No Validation Required,’ I touched on the importance of loving yourself and not comparing yourself to anyone else. Words such as these don’t always manifest into actions. We tend to question ourselves.

If you find yourself identifying way too much with someone other than yourself, then I ask you to please consider, and ….

  • STOP yourself when you start to sound like, mimic, or paraphrase someone else (too much).
  • STOP yourself when you start putting someone other than yourself on a pedestal. 
  • STOP yourself when you fail to see YOU in the big picture. 
  • STOP yourself when your gut is telling you something that doesn’t ring true for YOU.

    What I’d like to suggest is for you to:

  • START trusting yourself.
  •  START knowing what your true capabilities are.
  • START tapping into your unique qualities.
  • START following your dreams. YOUR dreams. Not someone else’s. 
  • START taking action! 
  • START Following YOU!


Amy Goldberg