Quick day and night skin care routines to follow this summer with Sanchi Sehgal, Founder Ozone Signature 

 Dawn to Dusk – First Splash To Last Rinse 


Discard the mind-set that considers day and night skincare products to be the same. Skin differs mode-wise, it’s protective during the day and enters regenerative mode during the night. It is critical to have some basics about skin products before buying.
Skincare basics remain same – skin cleansing, toning, and moisturizing and same world-wide. But don’t expect flawless skin and shine using any skin essentials. Miracle happens if your skin-care product is pure. Incorrect method and inappropriate skincare essentials never save nine.

We recommend you read the full article to have a better insight about the day-care and night-care skin routine.

Dermatologists suggest face cleansing, hydrating, skin protection, to be the basics of skincare and the products are –

  • Make-up Remover
  • Face Cleanser
  • Face Toner
  • Face Serum
  • Sunscreen lotion And Concern specific skin care – acne, hyperpigmentation etc

Quick Day Skin Care Routine

During daytime, skin engages in resisting, defending, and protecting the skin against the UV radiation, dust, dirt particles, bacterial breaches, and kinds of environmental pollution. Pure skincare routine inherits effective bio-essentials that provide deep skin cleansing, and effective protection against the UV radiation.

Make-Up Remover

If you were too tired last night and skipped removing your make-up, you need to put in extra effort during face massaging before rinsing it with water. You save time and effort both, if you have an effective make-up removal solution that is potent in awarding deep cleansing and spares no make-up residue on your skin. A good make-up removal skincare has three functions to perform – face cleansing, facial nourishing, and skin moisturizing.

The first face splash

Begin the day with purity

Face Cleansing

The first job after your yawns with the morning bed tea is to begin with a face wash. The most preferred morning skin care essentials for facial cleansing could either be oil -based cleanser, or water-based face cleanser, as per your skin type. You need to wash your face with a purifying face cleanser with the objective of sweeping out the oil and particle residuals thoroughly.

Facial cleansing helps remove sebum spread on your face after your night nap; and we recommend you buy face wash which formulates with the pure extracts of cucumber, aloe Vera, or both. These are the potential herbs rich in bio-compounds and inherit diverse pharmacological properties that are beneficial for the skin. 

Look out for these ingredients while buying facial wash – Sodium PCA, Pentavitin, Lavender, panthenol, aloe vera and cucumber.

Aloe Vera is a natural astringent that is capable of reducing enlarged pores that vents out more sebum making the face oily. It exhibits antimicrobial properties that flush microbes, fungi, and bacteria settlement off the skin’s surface. Cucumber extracts in face cleansers assures tightening of the skin pores which helps limit oil secretion and is also vitamin rich that promotes skin health.

Face Moisturization

Skin is the largest organ which needs optimal hydration. It is vital that your skin hold enough moisture to sustain the diurnal odds that drains away skin moisture making skin look dull.

Expect positive performance, if your moisturizing solution contains pure extracts of almond oil, shea butter, licorice, saccharide isomerate, aloe vera, as these are reputed derma-beneficial herbs.

Sunscreen lotion

The last to-do before leaving your home is applying sun protection.  Not all sunscreen turns out to be excellent sun protector, even though their pack claim so. 

Before purchasing sunscreen lotion, confirm the presence of zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide, or both, which you will find screening the product composition section of the pack. Both are the preferred ingredients in the formulation of sunscreen lotion, but the titanium oxide is more effective.

Expect to see almond oil, oat, cucumber, tocopherol, geranium essential oil mentioned in the ingredient section of the sun-screen lotion, which is the common and effective ingredients in an anti-UV skin protection lotion. These inputs possess anti-solar abilities that potential s to resist harsh UV radiation and prevents sunburn, suntans, hyperpigmentation etc.

The ingredients, in union, offer effective skin protection against UV rays, with 72 hours deep skin hydration, and helps even skin tone prevent dark pigmentation. Look out for the labels that read SPF, and organic certification.

Face cleansing, face moisturizing, and sunscreen protection enables skin to endure from the dawn to dusk challenges, and is the effective and quick day skincare routine.

Night care skin routine

Night Time is the hour of Skin Revival

Skin experts advocate night hours are more conducive for treating severe skin conditions. Like food is the body’s fuel, so are the skin care essentials that reward beauty.  There are two pre-night skincare essentials that you are to take care about, firstly to ensure your night skin care routine is pure, and the second is cleansing your skin with these skin organics following the basics of skin care steps. The nocturnal skin healing, if facial skin is, starts attending to other skin concerns like acne, pimples, scars, dark pigmentation, stubborn tans, sunburns etc.

Mostly, these are the some skin care products that are common in the night skincare routine -Face wash, Face cleansing, facial scrub, facial toning, face moisturizing, and face serum

Concern Specific Night care skin treatment

The last procedure is treating serious skin concerns like acne, sunburn, suntan, skin tans, hyperpigmentation, as night is the time to hit the hot iron.

Keep in mind, for expecting positive results you need to ensure the purity of ingredients in your skin essentials. The quick daycare and night care skin care essentials, if asked us, would be the skin essentials of Ozone Signature.  Ozone Signature’s night care skin treatment contains purifying face cleanser, floral face mist, and for treating specific skin conditions – Kumkumadi Tailam for acne or Kanaka Taila for dark circles, or Haridradya Taila for acne.  These are the best, quick, and effective daycare and night care skin routines that guarantee positive results.