Revamped Instagram tools that you can use by Ms. Mehar Gulati, Founder, Scarlet Relations

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide with around 1.15 billion active users. Creators and brands are making the most of Instagram by connecting and engaging with audiences to scale up their businesses and establish identity. The ever-green social media platform continues to come up with interactive features and updates to maintain relevancy and enhance user’s experience.

Here are some of the revamped Instagram tools that marketers can utilize to boost engagement.

Instagram Scheduler 

Save the everyday hustle of posting a picture with easy-to-use Instagram Scheduler that enables users to plan a whole week’s or a month’s worth of content in advance. Organizing grids provide a wider picture of how the content would appear when a visitor lands on your profile and an aesthetic profile always creates a good impression.


Maximize engagement and increase exposure with Instagram reels as they have the ability to grab user’s attention right away. Nowadays, smooth transitions have become popular in reels as they are trickier and keep people hooked to see what happens next.

Archive Posts 

Instagram’s Archive Posts feature allows users to take the selected photo off their public profile feed and switch it to a private state where all the comments and ratings would be preserved. The users can restore the photo to their public feed with a single click and all.

Selfie Stickers 

With the Selfie Stickers feature, the users can create short, expressive, and animated stickers of their own face or use an animated emoji overlay with hearts, laughter emoji, and more. You can save the selfie stickers and use them on your stories to add some personality and humor to the content or accurately convey your message.

Instagram Live 

Instagram Live is one of the best ways to connect directly with your audience, share news, build engagement, answer questions, etc. Live streams are popular due to their authenticity and the trend is here to stay. Most of the followers would rather prefer to watch a Livestream than see a social media post, thus users can leverage it to expand their reach.

Paid partnership 

The Paid Partnership feature is designed to allow influencers to disclose a sponsored post as well as enable businesses to gather insights about the performance of their sponsored content campaigns. The tagged businesses can see metrics such as reach, taps forward, taps backward, likes, comments, and exits.

Professional Dashboard & Insights 

The Professional Dashboard & Insights is a single destination for Instagram analytics, tools, and resources. Leveraging the tool, creators and businesses can track the performance of their account, check monetization status and eligibility, discover new tools to build a business, and stay informed. 

Saved posts 

When a user saves your story or picture, the Instagram algorithms consider it as “high-quality content” worth sharing so IG moves the post higher in the feed. If the post lands up on the Instagram Explorer page, it would attract more visitors that could turn into followers.

Story Highlights 

Unlike Instagram stories that vanish after 24 hours, story highlights tend to stay permanently on your profile, which can be updated or deleted later. You can use the story highlights feature to showcase your products, promote events, interact with customers, feature product tutorials, highlight customer testimonials, etc.


Instagram’s shop feature is a great way for businesses to display their catalog, drive sales, and promote products with the brand they partner with. By tagging products directly in the posts, businesses can create a seamless shopping experience for users as they can buy products directly without leaving the app.

Instagram AR filters

Brands can create and publish original augmented reality effects for Instagram stories to reach younger audiences, which constitute around 67% of all Instagram users. The filters can reflect the brand’s tone in a playful or fun manner while also making it stand out from competitors.