Playing around with ISO, CE certifications or is it a new game in India by Otabu?

Today around 10pm I suddenly get a call from a family friend saying, “some xyz company was rejected in a government tendering process due to their expired ISO certificates but now they are again in the game as they produced the fresh certificates by OTABU” .

My apprehensions were going up “HOW”? Just not because of a friends call but by the company who’s providing such quick so “Jugaad”. I get misty eyed when I hear this that India is always about “Jugaad”. NO I cant imagine that about my country, about my system. 

I decided to go little further and investigate about the company, made a call to mentioned mobile number at 10:17pm and inquired about their process. Unbelievable but, someone picked up and said we normally take 15 days for the process. Fair enough, but how a ISO certification company can entertain you at 10:17pm? Still ok, then I asked him if someone has uploaded a expired certificate of ISO and CE in Government bid and later they get your certificates, are they eligible for the bid, he simply said yes. Unfortunately gentleman imagined that I am looking for a “Jugaad”. But obviously I was not. My next question was do you take responsibility? Then he got furious over me. My bad, I couldn’t lie that I want to play around with some government bid. But knowingly or unknowingly he said a company can certainly upload a expired certificate because of their some issues and we are there to solve it. 

One more strange fact that when you Google Otabu and click on their mobile number the organization number says “Grone Services”.

At last my question is for how long we will take this? 

Here is reference article, as it says,  Rajesh Maheshwari, CEO of NABCB should investigate this Otabu group as International agencies have asked him to do the same. 

My next question “why is he silent”