Korean beauty products have taken the beauty world by storm. The world of K-beauty  seems limitless with a wide range of products it offers. Korean consumers are very  picky and knowledgeable about skincare and that’s what drives the market and  demand for innovation. ‘Kstory’ is created from the love for Korean skincare to  change how we approach our skin. We go the extra mile to bring our consumers  products that are effective and cater to your skin problems. 

Why K-beauty became a cult favourite? 

The prime factors that contribute to the popularity of Korean beauty around the world,  is its high affordability, innovative and gentle formulation addressing real skin  concerns. Korean skincare tends to be more budget-friendly. It is hard to find products  that are effective in lower price ranges, but they are certainly available in luxury  brands. 

While for innovative forms Korean beauty has given the beauty industry unique  products and ingredients from BB cream (beauty balm cream), snail slime known for  its healing, hydrating and soothing properties, is hugely popular, double cleanse. And  this is not just a hype, anyone who switches to Korean beauty can testify to the  efficacy of the routine. 

Those who know anything about the infamous multi-step Korean skin-care routine are  aware that the double cleanse is pretty much the base and everything else follows. It  may sound crazy at first but it doesn’t take a lot of time. The idea is to get rid of dirt  with an oil or balm cleanser first, followed by a water-based wash to ensure all the  leftover residue and impurities are removed. 

Let’s not forget sheet masks, another Korean skincare innovation, masks packed with  nourishing serums. They are easy to apply and carry around, come in a wide range  targeting any skin issue you can think of! 

The routine 

The 10-step routine goes a bit like this:

(1) an oil cleanser,

(2) a foaming cleanser,

(3)  an exfoliant,

(4) a toner,

(5) an essence,

(6) an ampoule or serum,

(7) a sheet mask, 

(8) an eye cream,

(9) a moisturiser, and lastly

(10) either a sunscreen or a night cream. 

However, the foundation of skincare routine would still be cleansing your skin  properly, getting rid of all the dirt without making it squeaky clean and keep it  hydrated and moisturised. There is no need to follow all the steps, it’s just a way of  saying how to go about your routine.  

Handpicked by the Kstory! 

Even though Korean skincare does wonders to the skin but there is no denying to the  fact that the market is oversaturated and consumers feel intimidated by the choices  offered. That’s where we step into the picture, we want to simplify it! thekstory.in – is 

an online Korean beauty destination where we test the product first and curate them  based on its efficacy and results, giving you only the Best of Korean beauty.