Pernia Qureshi’s fitness routine focuses on pre and postpartum wellness

From prenatal yoga to postpartum exercises, Pernia Qureshi is a powerhouse of fitness taking it one day at a time. 

Pernia Qureshi is a powerhouse of talent. The actor who is also an entrepreneur, a Kuchipudi dancer and a fashion designer, recently became a mom and has been giving regular insights into her fitness life with her pre and postnatal exercise routine. It can be slightly overwhelming to get back to working out but Qureshi makes it look pretty easy. From being consistent with her dance routine to aerial yoga and fletcher towel workouts, the entrepreneur has been consistent and quite experimental with her regime. Ahead, take cues from Pernia Qureshi’s fitness routine. 

Aerial yoga 

Aerial yoga has grown in popularity over the years. You need a silky hammock string that you can drape from the ceiling and supports your full body weight. You can use the hammock to perform exercises like headstands and swinging upside down or support your feet while doing push-ups etc. It helps in building stability and balance since you’re working off the ground and is considered moderately intense. Qureshi follows this routine under the guidance of her yoga trainer, Anshuka Parwani. 

Fletcher towel workout

The benefit of a fletcher towel workout is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t need any fancy equipment and is a portable gym in itself.  All you need is an extremely twisted towel that you can use to stretch while performing your breathing exercises. The focus of this is the positioning of your arms, legs and thighs. Fletcher towel workouts also help to strengthen your muscles.


Inversion could be a handstand or something as simple as a child’s pose. However, these should be performed only under the supervision of a skilled trainer. It helps in promoting spine health by creating space between the vertebrae and decompressing the spine. It also aids lymphatic drainage and reduces muscle tension.

Prenatal yoga 

Prenatal yoga helps in the healthy development of the foetus and aids the overall health of the mother, especially with breathing and sore muscles and joints. It also works in making the body be more aware of its limitations with respect to the baby and relax while getting rid of backache. One can start with prepartum surya namaskar and build their routine from there.

Postnatal yoga

Postnatal yoga helps new mothers get back in shape after pregnancy and tone their limbs. The best part about this is that you can start slow and focus on your breathing first. It works in helping your body recover and strengthens the pelvic muscles and spine. It also prevents postpartum depression