Saturday in The Kitchen with Chef Seefah

Seefah Ketchaiyo is one of India’s top emerging gourmet experts and conceivably Mumbai’s favourite Asian food chef. She’s is the owner of everyone’s eatery ‘Seefah’ and has pushed limits with true Thai flavors on to Indian plates. Having worked at the Four Seasons as their Thai gourmet specialist, she then went on to open The Blue with her husband Karan Bane and was never short of waiting queues. We miss eating her food as much as you do and hence this Saturday she teaches us how to make her signature dish Spicy minced Chicken Basil


  • minced chicken 180 g basil 30 g.
  • crush red chili 8 pc
  • chopped garlic 8 pc
  • fish sauce 1 tablespoon
  • oyster sauce 1 tablespoon
  • slice red chili 2 pc
  • dark soya sauce 1 teaspoon
  • oil 50 ml


Heat pan and add oil (medium flame) add garlic and chili, stir until garlic get little brown color and add chicken.

Mix together until chicken is half cooked and add fish sauce, oyster sauce and dark soya sauce

Stir all together until chicken cook and last add chili slice and basil
Serve with steam rice