Talk Is Cheap By Amy Goldberg

You’ve heard the term: Talk is cheap and full of broken promises. There are many sayings that are similar, and, yet, it’s too bad we have to use any of them. They all relate to actions that weren’t– well–actioned. I don’t believe it’s deliberate. I do believe that we come up with creative marketing spins that create the illusion that we’re ‘all that.’ And then we find it difficult to translate that into anything but mediocrity.

It’s a shame, especially, since every time I hope for that ‘special something’ rarely does it appear. If it did though, wow! That ‘thing’ or business would probably be super successful. Imagine if we all upped our game, provided exceptional service and showed we were all exceptionally kind human beings who had left our homes each morning with open eyes and   heart and would go where our curiosity and soul would guide us. Maybe we’re all just too tired. Maybe we just can’t be bothered to take the extra effort because it’s hard enough just putting one step in front of another.  

There are many books on the subject of ‘over delivering and being exceptional,’ etc.  And yet we still can’t get it right. The saddest part of all of this is when I see store openings. I think about how excited the owners must have been to open a new place. They took their time looking for that perfect spot, one they could afford. Did their market research, etc.? And, then, for what– to have it shut down within a year? That must be crushing. So, why is that?

Why are we settling? Is it due to lack of interest? It must be so frustrating hiring staff if they approach their work in a lackluster manner. I’ve even seen owners lack the enthusiasm to wow their customers/clients. Again, I ask, Why even bother? In these cases, I believe that the ego has completely taken over.

I met a guy in Los Angeles through a friend of mine. The two of them were best buds since high school. He kept saying, You have to meet this guy. He’s so great. I did. When we met, we talked about everything. We connected immediately.  He said, We are locked in, friends for life. He kept saying that over the course of many days and months. You know–fast friends. I thought instinctively, Why does he keep saying friends for life when we just met? What was the need to have to say that? Could it not just evolve? Why was I thinking this? I think it’s because everything he said–everything– never came to fruition. It was bizarre. And then he vanished.

I bring this up to demonstrate the point that he most certainly wasn’t comfortable being in his own soul. He was all over the place. I could feel he wanted to run away from himself. Any distraction suited him perfectly. I also recognized that I was not trusting my truth. I could feel he was insincere. His lips were moving but he wasn’t saying anything. I’m positive he had no idea of how he was being. And I asked myself – What was going on with me–apart from being incredibly disappointed, feeling gypped? My ego was definitely at play. I was hurt. I felt rejected. At this point, being my truth was nowhere to be found. Ah, yes, it was my ego taking over. I sat with this feeling for a while–a long while.

Time passed. Later, I spoke with a few friends and told them what occurred. They shrugged their shoulders to say it’s happened to them. This seemed to be commonplace. What?

Does anyone see this as being strange? Are we just accepting this to be the norm? I surely hope not. What’s going on?  Why don’t we care? Have we become so slack in our behavior, or, and I suspect this to be true, are we forgetting who we are as human beings?

Are we recognizing that as life becomes more convenient, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to act that way as well? Are we now a society of convenient behavior, convenient friends, convenient relationships? Have we stopped trying? Yes, I have a lot of questions.

It’s time to re-evaluate. Now is the time to reconnect with ourselves and our truth. There’s no way you want to live in a world where you can’t trust anything anyone says or settle for the lack of quality service.

Talk is cheap but ACTION speak volumes.