Passion versus Profession ~Jyoti Kerkar

Anyone who says they love their profession is lying, as deep down they know we are in it because it pays our bills. People who pursue passion and make it a career which pays are lucky.

What does profession mean? Occupation, practice which is been gained by formal education, plus mastering set of complex knowledge. Organised profession like accounting, law, medicine etc. needs respective expertise. What is Passion? It is the need within yourself or a creative skill when it becomes a career its beautiful.

Males usually compromise on their passion as they are guided to get a stable job to look after their family, yes woman compromise just becoming a homemaker for the need of the hour, few I think do not seriously know how to turn their passion into profession, they don’t have proper guidance, and so we continue and join the rat race to earn and compromise on our passion, this leads to frustration on the job.

Most us I believe at least 70 percent do a job simple because it allows them to live and pays the necessities or luxuries. So we have realised each one cannot make passion their profession, so how do we make our life easy and enjoyable? Just give one day to your passion, you love reading? Join book clubs or visit a good bookstore. You have a passion for travelling? There is no need for travelling international or Local if time is a constraint or budget; just explore your city, you will be amazed how less you know about it.

Living your passion just encourages you to live a life tension free. There is sea f change as Young people now have avenues open , and I would encourage theyshould follow their passion, maybe you will have to do it the hard way, but ultimately it will make you much happy, choose career options which enhances your passion. It is like life fully lived. Remember it definitely does not mean there will never be up-downs, but it will always make you happy with the creativity you get to the table.

Go ahead make passion your profession it is never too late for anything. Until your alive anything is possible. Me personally am a masters in Finance and toiled at corporate and just now given up to pursue my creativity. Not there yet, but positive to pursue my dreams. Follow your heart it is never too late to do anything that makes you happy. Living a holistic life is always encouraging