The most valuable antiques- school friends by Preet Dhillon

With the changing scenario, I sometimes feel that however or whatever you do to stick to old days, the reality is that life is changing around you and you too have to change with it….it seems like yesterday when my friends and I would share ice creams after school and wonder if there would be anybody special who would buy us all the stuff….

Between melting ice creams that dripped down the side of our cones, we would giggle incessantly: much to the irritation of all the grownups. We would discuss the places we would like to go, the careers we would like to have, the kind of guys we would like to marry and the things we would like to do when we grew up- all those castles in the air whose only witnesses were our friends…

“ We’ll always be together”, we promised, “ we’ll never leave each other and never go far.” …..Years have passed when these promises were first sworn and our lives have changed in tremendous ways. The promise of never leaving each other has long since been brushed aside. Education, careers and families have forces us to move to different places and countries.

Many things have changed with this physical distance. It is impossible to go shopping together and hang out in spare time. But the “internet” has brought us together on facebook and Whats app…. We might not be around and with each other as much as we would like to yet we still manage to stay together…..

Every heartbreak, every award, every new job are till date shared first with our school friends, in which ever part of the world they may be because that’s always been this way with friends, very far but amazingly and miraculously very near. With the passage of time, careers start blooming. New mile stones, new friends pave their way in our lives but still school friends are inimitable. The warmth, the bond we share with them is incomparable. 

I personally feel “ School time friendship” is the only bond that  can survive through changing circumstances and geography, through maybe long-term absences, and regardless of differing interests… it is something that remains fixed despite anything and everything… So here’s to all you fellow Josephites who are bound to one another with hoops of steel!!!!