The Reluctant Memsahib ~Ravneet Sangha {Part VI}

How many times have I told you to walk slowly? You’re not a train, you’re not going to miss the bus, walk and glide and not go about like a tank, you’re like a bullet and letting things fall! The main function of the little toe on your foot is to make sure that all the furniture in the house is in place. Dear Maman had lost it! And on the day she needed to be the best and presentable. It was such an oxymoron, we belonged to the finest families, we were all educated and could hobnob with the best in the entire universe. We were modern, open-minded to everything but when it came to finding a match or the partner love went out of the window and one matched (were my parents one of the secret investors on Tinder ) with the right family , the khandaan ,and the pedigree. It was of no consequence if there was love or not, one just adjusted and successful marriages were all about adjustment. As if, the adjustment was a safety pin one let loose to let the paunch rest a bit easy! Simran snorted just like Miss Muppet temporarily forgetting the pain of bumping into the huge console in the corridor.

She was sure, that the family must have heard mama’s terse words. The parents had made their entry to meet the prospective in-laws. She wondered in the aisle what her life was. Dad was someone who had taught her everything from patience to work to smiling, to sharing anecdotes of the times gone by and the love of his life, Pakistan. I think we all are always going to be attached to a country we love to hate but is attached like phantom pain.

Sat Sri Akal Ji, welcome! How are you? How are you? Beta Ji?

Hello! What a beautiful basket of flowers! Indeed it is rare to find such rare blooms and the colour. , Ma said gushing and making them at ease and she was at her best behaviour. Dad was smiling and doing his talking with the boy!

She had a funny thought, maybe boys never grew up; that’s why women needed to adjust! It was if Neverland existed. She had been drilled by the general that she had to walk in after precisely five minutes and the maid would carry in the tray with juice and water and she would walk in softly and gently and after the last fiasco not bump into anything but mind her Dupatta that’s should not knock off anything.

The trials of wearing the suit, she suddenly felt fidgety and uncomfortable. Walking in to meet them, she plunged straight into the formal area along with the fat lady who bobbed with the tray. She looked and she saw two very smart, chic and fashionable women who were scanning her entirely. They were checking her just like the goods being scanned at the check out point! And she resisted the urge to put back one unruly curl that had a mind of its own and didn’t want to be flattened into submission. Hurray! For small mercies.

The next sofa had him lounging and busy stroking Simba. And, Simba lay in a trance as he was orgasming with all the gentle stroking.

If they all knew what her mind thought and she hoped she would not say anything aloud. The boy was definitely a man, and woohoo he wore the right clothes but his shamal, she needed a better look.

She went straight for them, not knowing who was who.