Positive Self Talk ~Anam Usmani

What is Self-Talk?

Self Talk is how you talk to yourself..or more commonly called as the inner voice. Every one of us does self-talk..almost all the time..because it is our mind and soul which are our 24*7 365 days companion.Most of the time we make decisions by talking to our self. Self-talk has one of the biggest impacts on our mental, social and emotional life. Like if you talk negatively about yourself to you; you will have a big negative effect on your life. You will feel demoralised, useless and of course bad about yourself.

It is often seen, we humans are our own’s biggest and toughest critics. The eye or expectations with which we see ourselves is very strict and high than the one with which the world sees us. So the effect of our inner voice is maximum in shaping or destroying our lives. For example negative talk will have a negative effect, likewise, positive talks will have positive and fruitful effects on our life.

There is a saying YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HEAD…BETTER MAKE IT THE BEST AND MOST POSITIVE PLACE TO BE. It is almost completely up to us to manage what effect our inner voice should have on our lives.

A few ways which helped me in managing my inner voice.

1. Look around you, who are the people you are with and what effect their company has on your mind. If your company encourages you to see negative about yourself and engages in non-constructive talk; simply distance yourself from them. Believe me this is one of the biggest reason why humans think and feel negative about themselves.

2. The human mind many times starts wandering and telling you negative about yourself. In that situation try to stay positive and look at your positive aspects and in this way, you will reverse the negativity to positivity.

3. Always try to be a bit lenient with yourself. Try to keep a margin about your being and deeds in any situation so that you don’t judge yourself too strictly.

4. Delete the line ” I CAN’T DO THIS..” from your life…every time you feel so. Challenge yourself and do it and when you will achieve the non-doable and overcome your fears; this will widen the scope of your mind and help build your self-respect.

5. Always respect yourself in any situation that insults your existence and personality..because self-respect is one thing which builds your confidence.

6. And the most important is always embrace your imperfections. Nobody here is perfect. Everyone is born with some or other flaws. You are not the only one. So stop feeling bad about yourself and learn to love your imperfections.

I believe to achieve something in life you need to have a positive mindset, when you are positive, the sky is the limit.