Vageesha Bahel’s Mussoorie Trip


I am the kind of traveler who looks for luxury.  I am not a backpacker or an adventure-seeker. I like my vacations to be well-planned and relaxing. I want comfortable travel, premium stays and good, wholesome food. I do respect people who like to go for spontaneous trips and live in hostels and cook their own food on a vacation but I am not them. 

Though I like to visit unique and off-the-track places, I want my luxury. Thus, I end up always traveling to commercial places where I get access to good food, lively atmosphere and some good shopping avenues. On a recent trip to Mussoorie, I had one of the best times as all my demands were met and I had a my-kind-of-trip. It was an extremely relaxing trip where I could just laze about the whole day and enjoy the feeling of idleness.

Here is a list of stuff that I did on the trip that I absolutely enjoyed. 

  • Shopping on the Mall Road – The Mussoorie Mall Road is pretty large with a large number of shops, roadside vendors, Tibetan markets and food stalls. It also has a good number of cafes and restaurants. I visited this mall road daily as it was off season so the town was not too crowded. I enjoyed walking right from end-to-end of the mall road and stopping at small shops on the way and picking up trinkets. Whenever I felt tired, I would sit at any café and have a quick snack and then move on. I found a hidden gem in a café called ‘Café by the Way’. It serves some amazing food and drinks. The Green tea varieties here are just wonderful and each cup is freshly brewed. It is one hidden gem on the mall road that few know about but it is definitely a must-visit place.
  • Eating at the Little Llama Café – The Little Llama Café is one of the most popular cafes in Mussoorie. It is rated highly on the internet and I was recommended this place by many. However, I was doubtful about it as I was not sure whether it will live up to the hype or not. I was somehow apprehensive that it might disappoint me. Gladly, I was wrong. I was able to grab a table on the top floor of the café and I ordered a mezze platter and a pasta. It was unbelievable how flavorsome the food was. The coffee they served was probably the best I had on the whole trip. It was one place that brought so much peace and joy to my heart that I did end up spending hours basking in the sunlight that drifted through the glass windows.
  • Spending time at the resort – I was booked in the Dunsvirk Court Mussoorie and what a spectacular property it is. It is placed atop a hill and this gives each room a spectacular view of the whole town of Mussoorie. During the day, you see the whole city, the roads and the buildings and during the night the view is of the entire town lit up with flickering lights that look just like tiny stars. Oh, it was so beautiful. Now wait for the best part, this view was visible right from my room window. Each room at the Dunsvirk Court has this spectacular view that is sure to make you swoon. Day and night, just staring out of the room window was enough to make the vacation worthwhile which is precisely why I chose to skip the common tourist attractions like Kempty Falls and the umpteen Sunset points that dot the area. I had such dreamlike views right at the resort that there was no need to go anywhere else.
  • Partying with a Bonfire – The management at Dunsvirk was kind enough to arrange a bonfire for us on one of the evenings of our stay. It was quite cold and sitting around the bonfire, enjoying hot food was bliss. They even arranged a musician who played the guitar and sang some melodious songs for us. After a while we joined in and the night became so very lively with all the guests humming the songs and enjoying the music and the warmth of the bonfire. It was the best experience ever. 

So, this is what I did on my trip. Nothing exciting I know but trust me trips like these are what one needs at times. Vacations like these are the ones that relax and rejuvenate you and prepare you to get back to your work life re-energized and full of motivation. What do you think, comment below and let me know. 

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