Tips to remember before shopping for the prime outfit of your wedding by Karishma Choudhary, CO-Founder of Banthan Banno

To brim up your inspiration this time we’ve chalked out our favourite bridal lehengas from the celebrated couturier Banthanbanno coveted troves that are simply beyond perfection. 

These extravagant lehengas for 2021 brides are sure to enchant your hearts and we bet you’d want to own one right away! Start scrolling!

It’s the age of new and experimental bridal lehenga colors quite literally tops the list! A new hue on the block, this lehenga for 2021 brides is nothing less than a contemporary dream to slip into!

The first on the list goes 

Classic reds: Indian brides have an eternal connection with red. No matter the era, brides in India have chosen red as the colour of their bridal trousseau for ages. Red, which is often associated with love and passion also stands as a symbol of the rising sun in Hindu culture. Thus, many brides, including those with a modern and eclectic taste choose a red bridal lehenga to signify auspicious beginnings, prosperity and fertility. 

Since red is a hot favourite among brides, we picked up some gorgeous lehenga designs that you would wish to own 

Visually appealing velvets: Keeping up the velvet frenzy, a new trend had taken over the market which showcased this decadent style with dark brooding winter colours. Beyond championing the material, the intricate Indian craftsmanship further accentuated these bridal lehengas making the perfect statement pieces. From Zardosi, Gota Patti to even stonework, these delicate work form the basis of highlighting the velvet lehengas taking inspiration from sabhyasachi 

Image courtesy- sabhyasachi. 

Double dupatta: Double dupatta or single dupatta for your bridal lehenga is a choice that haunts every bride! With both the styles having their distinctive bespoke allure, it is undeniably a tough task to choose between the two. While a single dupatta looks modish and contemporary, double dupattas lend an exquisite traditional charm for brides.

Now that you have finally decided to go with the double dupatta style, we are here to guide your way to the bridal glory. Yes, to ensure that you make one fashion-forward bride and also stay comfortable all the while, here is all the information you’ll need to slay in double dupattas like a pro and to how to choose the best ones for yourself.

Contrast colors: Your bridal lehenga, or a lehenga that you pick up to wear for a dear one’s wedding is normally a standard set of colors on the skirt, the choli and the dupatta. Filled with zardosi, gota patti and kundan work. Now, how about adding a contrast to your look that would make your beautiful look stand out? Here are some timeless contrast lehengas.

 Few of the options to opt are: 

1. Red & green 

2. Blue & pink

3. Orange & yellow 

4. Reds & pink 

Royal lehengas: Royal Lehengas are the Indian Lehenga Choli embellished with heavy decorations and ornaments to make a majestic outfit for the ones who are about to attend a regal fiesta, event or a wedding. These lehenga designs are specially designed in all the styles with a unique sheen and sparkling embellishments.