Feel Good Friday with Shweta Shetty

Whether you were a 90’s baby or not, you’ve heard of Shweta Shetty who redefined the Indian pop music genre and was among the few who ushered in the trend of independent music.The stunning artist who gave us hits like Johnny Joker, Deewane Toh Deewane Hai, Dilli Ki Sardi, Dil Tote Tote and Mangta Hai Kya has had a whirlwind journey- she got married and moved to Hamburg. After taking a break from the limelight and living in the Northern Germany for 20 years, Shweta Shetty returned to Mumbai and is back with a special track that she’s wanted to release ever since 1994.Titled ‘Jalne Mein Hai Mazaa’, Shweta hopes to have audiences relive the happier 90’s by putting a disco/house spin on a classic ballad, in her signature style. In an exclusive interview with us she talks about things she is grateful for this Friday and much more!

What are three things you are most grateful for this Friday?

My peace of mind, health and to connect once again with my audience throw my music after such a long hiatus.

What song are you enjoying the week?

My song, Jalne Mein Hain Mazaa.

What’s your weekend morning routine?

Wake up late, have my coffe with loads of cream. Answer to all my messages and Saturday’s I dedicate to cleaning my room. By the time I finish, u can eat from the floor. Since the Covid happened, I don t let anyone clean my room, and quite honestly, I love it! I must have music playing in the background.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

My lipstick..

What facemask do you absolutely love?

Nothing special really. I have a good facial once a month, but other than that, my yoga and pranayam takes care of the rest. Fruits I eat, I put on my face. That is my mask.

TV show you are currently enjoying?

I don’t watch TV or read newspapers for years now. Unless I’m in Germany, then I’m glued to documentaries from around the world and wildlife. The only show I watch sometimes is, Indian Idol.

Are you a Tea or Coffee Person?

Coffee with lots of cream.

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Chocolates and Indian sweets are my comfort foods, which causes me immense discomfort later, because I can’t stop at one

What is the funniest thing you have read about yourself on the internet?

That I can’t sing…

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Your favourite quote?

Everyone is a genius, dig him/her out.

What’s your spirit animal?