Ravneet Sangha explains What is Happiness?

Happiness is what we all are aiming for; it is as simple as waking up in the morning and having a perfect potty moment while for the next person it can be the best selfie ever taken that gets them the maximum likes.
It’s a fleeting emotion that cant be pinned down nor can it be captured anywhere, its the moment of the past where everything is just right according to you .

It gets triggered by a smell, a tune, a memory or just something that strikes us. It can be as mundane as seeing a puppy playing in the garden, or flowers blooming or a butterfly flitting in the garden or just making the daily wage cut and having money to feed the family at home. It is what we all search for in the mindless scrolling on our phones to make oneself calmer and contented to get the right moment.

It’s always in the past and we search for it in the future forgetting to enjoy the present. I have had my happy moments with dark clouds , wind blowing and just the right kind of chilly weather or even with just reading my favourite Harry Potter again and again . It is something that will seem as very silly and stupid to another that why does a middle aged woman still go back to a children’s magical fantasy book or why read magical books. It’s as I say it’s just personal and what makes one happy .

I have seen people on quest for happiness and that has given birth to one of the largest multi billion dollar industry where people have developed apps to be calm, to make one sleep better, to find a way to be distressed.

I think stress is our body’s reaction to external forces and the pressures that one can’t handle or adapt. We cant deal with what we face, or the situation or the circumstance that  we face and hence the pressure arises. Escaping  from life at that moment and trying to evade is what gives us the need to be happy. It is something the society, has tuned and programmed ourselves into thinking that we are stressed and we need to find happiness in acquiring things; a materialistic pursuit of things that make you steel happy , a temporary fleeting feeling.

However, the non attainment of this leads of frustration, anger and a displacement of  anger, and a lack of confidence in today’s world as a measure of one’s success, status, prestige is measured by what they have, what they wear and what they own or project as we live in shallow times.

Happiness is within and is in the now that is trapped in the infinite. All we need to do is reach out and grab it, as this emotion is within . One of our fondest, happiest moments are from our childhood when we were young, innocent and unfettered by growing up, life’s stresses. Adulting is hard and living the life that is so unchartered . For me and you , happiness can be as simple as a phone call or a hug from one you love the most or eating a favourite food that triggers of the sense of contentment and peace .

A friend of mine sent me these powerful line ,’The incredible powerful choice to ‘ believe ‘. When that’s all you can do . It’s hope and leading to happiness .