What it takes to be yourself ~ Nabiha Fatima

Hearing all the time the chant “Be yourself” can be tiring and boring. This has been going on for ages whether Before Christ, a 1930 film or present-day in motivational videos on YouTube.

This 8th Delphic maxim has the kind of hidden power that when realised, the power in itself is a complete incredible feeling. The question that is raised here and puts a halt to all the videos available on the internet is that ‘how to be yourself.’ The answer to this question which has become complicated nowadays has an answer in Delphic maxims. Yes! Those 147 maxims are the way to practice, particularly the 8th maxim.

Be/Know yourself

These maxims are a set of aphorisms inscribed at Delphi which is an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to Greek god Apollo.

Some of the maxims are what you have learned, know your opportunity, control yourself, control anger, long for wisdom, praise the good, practice what is just, be impartial, guard what is yours, be a seeker of wisdom, act when you know, use your skill, be jealous of no one, be happy with what you have, live without sorrow, respect yourself, on reaching the end be without sorrow and know yourself.

Once a person goes through the list and puts it in practice then all the doubts are cleared once and for all.

Searching songs, movies, et cetera, et cetera is fun and entertaining but now go and type Delphic maxims on the search bar and give it a read. Who knows the solution is here not in thousands of voices and millions of different thoughts. After all old is gold.