73 & Young ~ Ravneet Sangha

73 years and more and I should be an old woman, creaking away and walking with a weird gait ready for a knee replacement, with high cholesterol and diabetes and at least one more health condition making feel that I just needed to call it a day.

Such is the state of women, that by this time we are tired and willing to call it a day, life takes a toll on us. The vagaries of life, the ups and downs and dealing with the stresses and tensions have made me tired and a bit run down. I do try to get by with Whatsapp and the daily messages of becoming thin, and losing weight, colouring my hair or by using the new face mask sheet so that I could look young. I do all that, but life catches up and it slows me down.

But, this is not the case for my country, I am India.I am one of the oldest civilisations of the world, the cradle of humanity, the birthplace of the major religions of the world and am a mystery waiting to explode. I have always said India survives on the faith of its common people, we persevere just because there is an invisible current that binds us together. We are currently facing the biggest crisis where they wish to divide us on the basis of the worst kept secret ie religion and it is enough to make the neighbours and I disagree and catch each other’s throat.

Do I hate them? No. No, I don’t, they are loyal to their country as I am to mine but we have a slightly different look at the matter. We don’t plan on giving up what is ours just because the said state is Muslim in nature. It’s the religion that is practised and not that what defines them, they are Indian.

India is a country that is made up of different religions, cultures, and languages that are so different but we all come together in a subcontinent that amazes the world by its grit and determination to fight the common evils that ail us.

A country that regained its independence from the English seven decades ago after being under their yokel have admirably faced hunger, poverty, illiteracy and we still do on a daily basis but the strides taken in technology and development and fighting for what is right outnumber all that they try to shame us with. Many a times, internationally we have been called out on human rights violation, caste system inequality and religious riots and the worst of all violence against women. These do shame us and I regret the incidents, they are one of the darkest chapters but we did give the world yoga and the powers of the mantra.

Slowly and slowly, all the wrongs are becoming right and don’t please label me as a Modi bhakt. I believe in being an optimist and positive and to be patriotic to a country that has bled to keep me safe and given me an identity. If I can’t be true to the mother, how do I look at myself in the eye in the mirror?

Remember, the Phoenix does rise from the ashes and she soars!