Fashion Tips and Tricks from Casa9

Casa 9 has a refreshing take on Contemporary Fashion catering to the needs of the modern woman with Indian sensibilities. Started by designer duo – Nikita & Benita(Photo Below) for an irresistible urge to create unconventional and contemporary fashion. CASA 9’s spirit resides in the diversity of designs that mirrors culture, passion, creativity and luxury at the same time.
We asked CASA 9’s designers the following questions:

What fashion trends will rule the runway this autumn?

This autumn is all about adding that sark to your personality by going a little deeper in details. So layering definitely continues to rule the season added with more sophisticated old world charm in form of pleats, ruffles, gathers and cowls. Also, the colour palette will go deeper now for Winter Weddings so Deep Reds, Plums, Wines, Navy, Olives all should work for the season.

A style tip for our millennial readers?

We think its extremely important to understand your body type and love the same. This not only helps in choosing the right look for the occasion but also boosts your confidence.

What trend do you wish would go out of fashion?

I think the floral prints have been there for the longest and its time we bid adieu to them.

What’s inspires your designs?

A lot of our inspiration comes from day to day experiences and meeting new faces, also travelling definitely recharges up your energies so is equally important to us.

What have they recently added to their wardrobe?

This season we are focussing a lot on Pret and that’s fun. So its a very minimalist look that can be still so very stylish and yet very chic.


     Nikita and Benita: The Casa9 Duo