Work-Life in the New Normal by Arpita Mukherjee

It is months now that we are part of this new normal and if we believe reports, we all have adapted well to the change. There has been a considerable increase in productivity and even a lot of organizations have made announcements to continue this trend in the longer run.

But have we really adapted well? How about we talk of the increased cases of depression and frustration stuck home? How about we talk of the disorganized work-home balance? How about we talk of the long hours of work? How about we talk of mental health and suicide cases?

Yes, there is a huge number of people who are working those extra hours because they love their job. But what about those who are working just to save their job? Are they really being productive? Is that the right way to churn productivity? Our employees need to feel included in this hour of crisis and not insecure. And if we fail to give them that sense of inclusion, have we really succeeded as a billion-dollar firm?

While organizations look at the bigger picture and need to take few harsh decisions at times, we can still make our employees feel cared for and included even in the face of adverse situations by our small efforts.

Don’t send them a piece of paper, rather communicate personally– Your employees are like your family and they understand that at times you need to take adverse decisions. Speaking with them directly and helping them understand the reason behind the move, would make them feel cared for and if nothing else, increase the level of respect they have for the organization.

Stay Connected- The leadership should occasionally touch base with their subordinates, and with the current crisis, this is much needed. Your team won’t feel lost and unmotivated and know that the organization really cares for their well-being.

Recreational Activities– Some recreation activities once a week help relieve the stress. There are loads of fun and engaging games available online to choose from or you can devise your own games to engage the mass.

Controlled Work Hours– People working from home have a life beyond work too. Whenever you observe any of your employees stretching continuously beyond work hours, advise them to wrap work within the hours and not stress on it.

Leaves– You should let your folks take leaves, irrespective of the fact that they are working from home. They deserve their ‘me’ time too so that they can refresh themselves and get back to work all charged up.

While there are a lot of contributing factors to help strike the work-life balance, only time will tell, how well we have adapted to this new normal? It is high time, we all stand beside each other in these tough times, encourage all to speak, and not let anyone suffer alone silently.