Who is funding you , Sardarji? By Ravneet Sangha

What is he carrying ? Is it a gun or a missile? What is he going to do? No , no its an oxygen cylinder .How tables have turned ! Two months ago Sikhs were labelled as terrorists , the funding of the NGO’s was questioned . It was said that funding was from questionable sources , time and again we have been blamed as a community that our funding is from the neighbouring country and from foreign sources . We are in the throes of the worst pandemic and its a bleak and bleak , dark time . The Sikh NGO’s are providing free oxygen cylinders drive in for the patients irrespective of your caste , creed , religion and area borders or demarcations . Every single time , in our own country we have to prove ourselves again and again and when calamities occur we step in with our universal principle of langar for all , and to help in kind . Why is that then we are accepted? And when we are labelled as anti national , or a terrorist  no one comes to defend us . These are testing times and we all need to stand by and support each other , be it a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian . It’s humanity first . Our entire movie industry , our so called influencers are quiet and we are mute spectators to their pictures , why have you not stepped forward to help? Why is it just the few  ? Our cricketers who we have put up on a pedestal have hollow feet and are not even worth a mention .. where is the darling of our masses ? Or did they just make an ass of us ? The IPL plays on as if nothing is wrong. Are we so far from reality that we don’t see the pain that has been unleashed on millions .To label  the farmers , to sidestep and circumvent the issue that they need an immediate repeal of the laws , we started saying that they were stopping the ambulances , and not letting them pass . Don’t stoop so low , karma and everything is balanced here in this lifetime here only . We have had our worst enemy , Pakistan offering us help , Eidhi Foundation , cricketers , citizens from all walks of life , and the PM  and I am happy and bow to them as humanity first . We gave the vaccine to the world ,and how many came forward to help? In fact  , I was also fangirling when Kamla Harris came into office but what happened? It was America first .I wish we had not been magnanimous to the world and not given the vaccine. I am a mixture of emotions , sad , unhappy , dismal a lot of despair and anger at the collapsed healthcare and an infrastructure that just didn’t exist . The frontline workers, the nurses , the doctors the strangers in the night who lent a hand and are working day and night and the journalists who are reporting the macabre drama to us , I salute all of you .The stories are too many to be counted , we are dying every second. Right now , there seems to be no light and all is dark but it will open up , light will come in . It is the band of complete strangers who are virtually spearheading , and finding beds, oxygen cylinders , and just lending a helping hand with a cooked meal or just plain old listening over the social media. we have socially come together to be the army . It was never about the Sardar , it was always being and helping a hand to others . Our Gurus told us to lead by example and that is what they are doing and sometimes it’s the need of the hour to claim it .