Work that Budget by Roaleey | The Style Chatter

Everyone can pull off a Gucci Dress- but how many can pull off streetwear? That’s what Fashion has always been to me.

Style never Brands.

I don’t believe that you need to own a branded bag to stand out. Fashion cannot be dependent on that. Brands should be a want; not a necessity.

How to look good on a Budget?

  • Throw out any bags, heels or flats that are frayed, broken or torn. Yes! That’s the first thing that people notice on you. And these two items have the ability to make or break you.
  • Follow trends: one needs to be aware of what’s in fashion and what’s not. Always invest in a few things which are in vogue. That way you don’t look outdated. Example, high-waist jeans, shorts, skirts are in fashion. So buy a few current items which you can keep repeating by pairing & styling them differently. The aim isn’t to break the bank. You just need a little to go a long way.
  • Fake brands get noticed more. It’s ok to carry a bag, wear flats or belts from Colaba Causeway just as long as it doesn’t have a fake logo or a duplicate style.
  • Quality control. If the material looks cheap; it is cheap !! Always wear things or carry accessories that don’t scream “I got this for hundred rupees”.
  • Bad makeup or makeup bought off the streets (fake or terrible quality) will look poor on you. Not to mention it will play havoc on your skin. You should instead invest in two or three needed and good quality products if you are on a super tight budget
  • Tote vs ClutchCarrying the right bag with an outfit or to an occasion is crucial. There are day bags, and then there are night bags, it’s important to know the difference and match your accessories accordingly.
  • Lingerie check is one of the most important things. Especially, if wearing tight, semi-transparent clothes or anything which will outline or show your undergarment. Always wear a thong or nude depending on what’s needed. If your Bra back strap is riding on your upper back instead of your mid back- then it’s time to buy a new one. These things get noted and can totally ruin your appearance if your undergarments are seen first and then your clothes.
  • Check yourself before leaving the house. Chipped nails, bad breath and body odour, is not only a big turn off but will also spoil your personality. It’s not important to smell expensive, but it’s very important to smell and feel good. Lastly, the only place you should have hair is your head & eyebrows- stepping out with a moustache or wearing sleeveless with undone underarms is a big no-no, even wearing Gucci won’t save you.

At the end of the day have fun with Fashion- experiment, be yourself and wear your brand with Style.