Planning a party on a budget: Fizza Durrani

Parties are a great way to celebrate, enjoy and share your joy with loved ones. But throwing a party shouldn’t get you stressed about your budget; because that completely defies the purpose, right? As big of a deal and a burden on the pocket as it may seem, being smart and staying in your budget/comfort zone is possible. We’ll show you how.

  • Time it wisely

Hosting lunches and dinners and throwing a party that clashes with a meal time can not only be stressful and time-consuming for you but also a very stressful on your budget. Try to keep your party during brunch or supper. Even breakfast time is good as you do not have to worry about serving appetisers and a main course with desserts at the end. This way, food and drink costs will be minimum. Some easy, cheap and convenient food items you can include in breakfast, brunch and evening suppers are: Tea, Hot chocolate, Juices, Eggs, Fresh fruits, Vegetable trays, Crackers and Cheese, Home-made Cookies, Biscuits and Cupcakes, Chocolates, Soups, Chips and Dip etc.

  • Plan wisely

For me, planning parties outdoors is much more convenient than indoors or at a fancy restaurant. Be smart and creative. Put chairs available at your place, rugs, cushions, mats – anything that could make a comfy setting. Spread bed sheets on tops of the rugs if you feel like they don’t look neat.

If it’s an evening party, use pretty hanging lights, candles in old jars, lamps, lanterns-anything that could be used as a convenient source of light. This will create a very cosy ambience on a minimal budget.

If you want to put some efforts into the decor, hit a supply store or discount or thrift shops. You’ll get good options at a very cheap cost. Stick to basic simple decor like classic balloons.

  • One dish menu

Try to keep your menu small yet wholesome. Stick to one major item and add easy side dishes.

For example, throw a pizza or BBQ party, with fries, salads, sauces and drinks along with it. Having a dozen things on the menu that are going to be left over anyway because there was too much to eat or too many options for the guests, isn’t the most economical or smart decision. Stick to one essential item and have a fulfilling amount of it for everyone to enjoy.

  • Homemade is better

Try to keep most of your food items semi home-made. By semi, I mean use as much packaged ingredients as readily available and do the rest of the work yourself, rather than buying packaged food for the party. Home-made cakes or cupcakes for dessert are a much cheaper option than buying them off a bakery.

  • Easy entertainment

Choose a soundtrack/playlist and use speakers and your laptop for easy and cheap entertainment for the guests instead of getting a DJ. Trust me, it’s much better. For your wallet, as well as the guests.

Plan non-cost activities if you want to indulge the guests in something fun or there are kids at the party, like musical chairs, truth and dare etc.

  • Take people up on their offers

Every time you invite a loved one over, they will definitely ask you if you need something. Take up the offer and tell them if you need anything. A dessert, a side dish or simply some rugs or cushions for your outdoor setting. Anything at all. They will surely be happy to help, and you will get some extra, much appreciated help. So it’ll be a win-win.

Throwing a party doesn’t have to break the bank. The best parties are all about a pleasant environment and making your guests feel comfortable. This does not necessarily mean fancy food and accessories. We hope these tips and tricks will help you the next time you invite friends and family over.
Fizza Durani