7 TV Series you can watch this ‘Weekend’ by Sukriti Bansal

Weekends may get a little boring at times, away from school or college or work. One can’t just sit and not do anything. Even television may offer you a bored vibe and as a result, you turn to Amazon or Netflix, but with so many options you actually just end up deciding what series to watch, wasting your day. Hence, we wrote you a little article that can help you decide what series watch this weekend.

Here is our list of TV Series you can watch this ‘Weekend:


Fleabag is a British comedy-drama television series set in London. The show was premiered in 2016. The series is about a young, hopeless protagonist Fleabag, who has lost hope and is living a life she never thought about. She is haunted by the memories of Boo (her best friend), who died in an accident. She very much resembles Tennessee William’s Blanche from A Streetcar Named Desire. The stories also very much resemble each other. Fleabag is a very awkward character that Amazon studios created as her life was utter mayhem, and after watching the series even you might feel something shifting inside you. It ends with a little hope that the protagonist gets from a corner of her life, but the story is very much depressing as the show contains only six episodes, each episode is of 25 minutes, just the poster of the very show can convey the gist of it, with the mascara smudged and the hair fizzy, then you just know you are going to witness havoc for a while.

Episodes: 6 episodes

Duration of an episode: 25 minutes

The Night Manager

The Night Manager is a British television serial directed by Susanne Bier and starring Tom HiddlestonHugh Laurie and many other famous personalities. The six-part series began broadcasting on BBC One on 21 February 2016. The plot is build up around Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), who is Luxury hotel night manager and former British soldier to dig the dirt around Richard Roper, who is a part of every illegal activity from supplying arms to killing innocent people. The setting begins in Egypt and ends in London.  This story involves all parts of the world. Trying to showcase the contemporary reality with a different meaning of hegemony

Episodes:  6 episodes

Duration of an episode: 59 minutes

Splitting Up Together

Splitting Up Together is an America sitcom series that premiered on ABC. The story revolves around one couple who has three kids and were happily married but as we know the modern day love story doesn’t end that way anymore, the couple decides to undo their marriage and gets divorced, but not to change their life and stress their children’s lives they stay together in one house with one parent being on duty alternatively. With laughter, love, chaos and misunderstanding, will they be able to continue living like that? Or will they come together or get further away? To know what happens, in the end, you need to watch it.

Episodes: 8 episodes

Duration of an episode: 25 minutes

Love shots

It is Indian mini-series which contains seven episodes of barely 10 minutes, it will introduce you to love or will surely make you revisit your love; it has love stories that are relatable to all the generations. This series portrays the actual meaning of honest love. From unconditional to never-ending kind it’s all here. You don’t need a tissue box or you won’t witness any Nicholas Sparks touch, most love stories keep forward the story with one of them having misunderstanding which leads to their separation or one leaving before time but this series will tell you about what is love when you live it with time.

Episodes: 7 episodes

Duration of an episode: 10 minutes

American Women

The setting of the story is set in America in the 1970s when women were trying to find themselves. The story revolves around three women who are trying to establish themselves in addition to exploring their lives, it shows how much women suffered, for not getting a promotion for years, for depending on men for their happiness and or taking good care of kids who still need their dad. This series was a voice for women. It isn’t a feminist series but it still can enlighten you or broaden your mind.

Episodes: 11 episodes

Duration of an episode: 24 minutes

Cloak and Dagger 

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. The series revolves around two American lives that had similar accidents and both lost a part of them on a similar point. It is a story from the Marvel comic book in which two teenagers from very different backgrounds find themselves under a lot of social burdens and awaken to be new superheroes while falling in love.

Episodes: 10 episodes

Duration of an episode: 49 minutes

Die Trying

This series revolves around two young musicians from Banglore who are convinced about their career getting big. With over-confidence and their mediocre music will they be able to make it? This series has Kenneth Sebastian and Vidyut Gargi who try to ascertain themselves with just four songs, they want to get a big break after struggling in a small open mic. In their journey, they are mortified and ridiculed to the depths.  Kenny here tries to find his dimensions with his twisted love life as Saundarya and a recognized brotherhood, if you want to have puns all along on your weekend then go and watch it.

Episodes: 7 episodes

Duration of an episode:  25 minutes

We hope you enjoyed this article on TV Series you can watch this ‘Weekend’ Let us know how you got on